Donating to Charity While Walking

Remember way back when I set goals for the summer? One goal I set was to walk 60 miles. So far I have walked 20. I am struggling with a ankle injury. I sprained it a few years ago, and somehow re-injured it. I have no idea what I did, but I'm back in an ankle brace.

One way I have pushed myself to walk in this awful humid and hotter than hell weather is I downloaded an app that donates money to a charity of my choice. I've been picking the ASPCA, because I want to save all the animals.

Its super easy. Download Charity Miles. Pick your charity. Then pick if its indoor/outdoor walking/running or biking. That's it. When you are done click the stop button and it records what you walked. I have an iphone, but its available for androids also.

This has really inspired me to get out and walk at least a mile an evening. If you are playing Pokemon turn the app on as you head out to catch Pokemon. Its a win/win.

Holly Hits the Big One

Today is my favorite Hollyday. Its the big one. The one I've dreaded for years. So in order to make the most out of a sad round number I wanted to do something fun. So I arranged a baby's first birthday style photo shoot, and because I am spamming you with pictures today. I'm doing a 20 things you may not know about me. Yeah I know it should be 40 things but I don't know if there is 40 things you guys don't know about me, and 40 is the new 20 (x2).

1. Its my dream to open an animal rescue.
2. I have plans to move to Tenessee when my kids have graduated.
3. I use to be painfully shy.
4. I don't think I will ever get remarried even if I find the love of my life. I'm just really set in my ways.
5. I am pretty sure I will be painting my living room pink. 

6. I want a pet fox.
7. Polar Bears are my favorite bear.
8. I was a competitive swimmer in high school and still obsessively watch swimming during the olympics.
9. My new netflix obsession is The Great Food Truck Race. 
10. I am not a fan of sweets, but I do love icecream. I didn't eat the cupcake. I gave it to Abbey.

11. I can't live without Dr. Pepper. Its almost always the first thing I reach for when I wake up.
12. You may know I have a million cats, but black cats are my fave. Shih Tzu's are my favorite dogs, although a certain Pomeranian puppy has won my heart.
13. I always have sunglasses on my head. I fear wrinkles and the best way to prevent eye wrinkles is sunglasses.
14. I've had skin cancer I use to lay in the tanning bed a few times a week.
15. I have a cow tattoo

16.  I was a vegan in high school. No products from animals at all. It lasted about 2 months before I cracked and ate bacon. I think my parents were trying to starve me into caving. I lost so much weight because I had nothing to eat.
17. I technically have a step brother, but we don't claim each other because we were both married when our parents got married.
18. Thanks to the BTK killer I am scared to let my dogs out after dark to pee.
19. I don't like beer or wine. But I love Jager (straight) and Sex on the Beach (the drink)
20. I actually don't like  real beaches because dark water is gross (fish poop) and sand  annoys me.


Summer Goals Check In

I thought I would drop in and give you an update on my goals. In case you missed it on instagram. The fence is finished. well....It still needs to be stained, but the structure is up. First time I opened the door and didn't latch Max and Westley's leashes they just stared at me like "ummm mom your gonna get us killed. Latch us right now." They seem to like it. Its been really hot and humid. Think melt your face off while your hair clings to your head in wet limp strings. So they've played it smart and have stayed in using the puppy pads. But I predict they will love it.

Blog more- Honestly I have tried. I have stuff to say, but trying to get the fence done was exhausting. I would come home every evening and work until dark. I still have a to-do list a mile long. Hoping I can get caught up this weekend.

Read/Comment more- yeah sorry same excuse as above. I'm trying I really am

Walk- My target goal is 60 miles. So far I have walked 6.

Budget- Nope still haven't done it.

So you wanna see the fence? Keep in mind a few things
1. I have no idea what I'm doing. This is not and will never be a construction/home remodeling blog. My grandfather owned his own construction company, and I was his favorite (followed closely by my sister) As his favorite I was at his house all the time. That had little to do with being his favorite and more to do with, we lived next door. Anyway, I think I must have picked something up from just hanging out while he talked work. Because the hardest part was digging the holes.

2. 6 trips to lowes, 5 drill bits, 4 various size boxes of screws, and more cuss words than even I care to admit to and I realize I really needed help, and access to a truck. Although I do have new found respect for the Focus trunk space.

3. Did I mention I had no idea what I was doing?

4. Am I even a blogger? These pics are terrible and not at all staged, or even have the trash cleaned up. 

5. Don't forget all of this will be stained.

Ok, anyway here ya go.
So as you pull into my driveway, you see this. The small fence on the side is the gate. I didn't want people to have to pull on a giant gate, the big panel with have an awesome barn quilt square. I just have to have time to make it. 
 So disregard the mess, I literally took this as soon as I finished so my saw, and crap is all still out and my yard needed mowing, but I was too busy to mow. Its now at a height that my dogs don't get lost in. On the other side of that tall fence is literally the busiest road in Morehead, That privacy panel was a priority so It got finished last year.
I had a pear tree where that pile of dead leaves are. But it got cut down and the tree laid there for weeks before I finally cut it up and drug it to the curb. I forgot to tell Hannah that there was a partridge (stuffed) in the tree and she nearly had a heart attach. It was funny. 
View of the gate. I am probably most proud of this, and it inspired me to make puppy gates for inside the house. They are still a work in progress.

One tip I would give you other than, ,have help and use a truck to get all your materials in one trip, is when you are digging the holes if you can do it right after a rain, or dig a small started hole and then pour a 5 gal bucket of water on it and let it sit then start digging, you will be glad you did. Trying to dig with it dry was extremely hard and I hated every single second of it.

Another Dating Site Update

As you know I have been trying a month of the Geek 2 Geek dating site. I waded through the old men, old enough to be my dad. I set rules for myself not to engage with the "how you doin' " guys and the ones asking me out as the conversation starter, especially when they are about 100-200 miles away. I did started talking to three guys. Nothing extreme just friendly back and forth with getting to know you type questions. So imagine my surprise when one of them breaks up with me. I didn't even think we were anything other than friendly conversation. I've determined  the dating world is crazy and complicated and I just don't get it. So I am going to go back to not trying to date.

But I would hate to deny you the laughs that I got when I read the "breakup" email. So here you go, enjoy.

"Hey Holly,

I apologize for the way I've handled things with you, I should've been honest with myself and you much earlier than now.  I don't see us going anywhere romantically.  We don't have a huge amount in common and we live a fair ways distant from one another.  You're cool and quite attractive, but it's time for me to get my act together and start setting more realistic standards besides just "This girl is hot, let's see where it goes."

We could still be friends if you want.  Actually, most of my close friends right now are women I've met online (not necessarily through dating sites).  It can be hard to develop real trust in that sort of friendship, but it just takes time.  I like to take my time when I'm getting to know someone anyway.

I'm sorry I've neglected to write to you for so long.  That wasn't nice or mature.  I just needed to sit down and use my brain to figure out what the problem was so I could tell you the truth.  It wasn't that hard, I just avoided doing it out of some kind of childish cowardice.  Having said that, I'll understand if you'd rather not bother with the whole friends thing.

So yeah, I'm figuring none of this is a huge shock to you, and I'm also figuring that you'll have no trouble finding a better man than me to date if you look in the right places.  Like eHarmony.  I didn't have any luck there because I was below the standards of all the women I showed interest in, but I don't see you having the same problem.

Good luck, Holly!"

There may be someone out there for me, but probably not. If he is, then he will have to find me and convince me I should be dating. In the mean time I will continue my hermit ways.
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