Summer Goals

I function better with goals. It goes back to I need structure and accountability. Its been ages since I sat down and wrote goals for myself. I know I am rusty so I need to set realistic goals that I can actually accomplish. Before Summer is over on September 21 I hope to have completed
 all of these. Fun fact My moms birthday is September 21 and my sisters is September 22.

1. Blog more. I'm not going to set a total, but anything is better than the one day a week I have been blogging. I have things to say, its just getting the time/motivation to say it.

2. Read/Comment more. I miss my blogging friends. I try to binge read so if you get a million comments from me in a day, I'm just trying to catch up.

3. Finish building a fence. So right now I only have a fence on one side of my yard. I have to take the dogs out to pee on a leash or they use puppy pads.With the addition of Hannah and her dog Princess Leia I need to get the fence done. These babies need to run. I haven't had a puppy in the house in forever. I forgot how much like babies they are.

4. Walk. I am setting the goal of 60 miles. I am hoping that doesn't leave me walking 60 miles in one week to accomplish it.

5. Set a budget I am not good at this. Actually I am ok at setting it and then I fall off the wagon.

So that's the goals. I'll post an update Sometime after the 21. Ideally it would be September 22, but realistically by October 1. 

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