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I have debated all day about what to say about this. As the mom of a lesbian I feel real fear sending her out into the world. The night club shooting in Orlando makes me realize that my fear is grounded. Listening to the family of the victims speak, makes me think of Abbey and her friends. No one should be murdered for who they are. This isn't just the LGBTQ community I am talking about NO ONE should be murdered for who they are. Last year Abbey and some of her friends started a club at school, its like a Gay/Straight Alliance. They have a teacher sponsor and went through the proper channels to get it started. Out of their own pockets they had flyers printed up announcing the club. The flyers were hung around the school. By the next morning someone (presumably students) had torn down the flyers and thrown them in the trash. The school did nothing even though several members of the group saw some kids doing it. I know that's not murder but it is allowing hate to play out. Whose to say these hateful actions don't progress to violence?
You may remember last summer when the Kim Davis fiasco was going on. Churches rented buses to come picket our town, because gays are evil and God hates gays and apparently also Muslim extremist. 

Then my mother posted this meme. I didn't comment directly to her fb. I sent her a private message. The conversation we had made me lose what faith in my family that I had (exclusion is my sister of course) 
My issue with this meme is not that someone wanting to murder someone, needs a gun. I know that you can kill someone with a spoon if you wanted to badly enough. Its the Godless society. Its that last month all you heard about was how transgender people were going to rape and kill us in the bathrooms. Because they are godless heathens. It was bound to happen. You scream at the top of your lungs how awful a group of people are and how we must fear them, then a bunch of them get murdered. WTF did you expect? On a side rant. WTF Brock Turner a straight white man raped someone and got a slap on the wrist. Because its always the victims fault in some way.  That's a rant for another day. 

Then a friend of mine posted this one. 
People the problem is not a godless society. The problem is there are too many godly people preaching hate. There is a presidential candidate preaching hate, people backing him specifically because of the hate and feeding on the fear. We don't need more prayer in schools we need mental health care that is easily accessible. We need leaders who stand up and say God doesn't hate anyone. So love your neighbors already. I know many pastors and church members who do just this and it warms by cold little heart to see them stand up and lead in a loving and compassionate way. We need more of that.

Every parent has a fear in the back of their mind about something happening to their children. It's stronger with parents of the LGBT community. I use to not fear Abbey being invited to parties or sleepovers but once she came out its always in the back of my mind. Is she safe where she is going? Is this a ploy to get her alone to hurt her because of her sexual orientation? There are 50 sets of parents mourning the loss of their children. Their are 53 sets of parents grateful their babies are alive, and helping them heal. To call this tragedy senseless is so much of an understatement I hesitate to even say that. But I don't know what to call it.

It's ok to be different. It takes absolutely nothing away from you as a person. Abbey being gay does not harm me, it doesn't affect me in any way other than I will one day gain a daughter in law instead of a son in law. Her being gay doesn't affect my next door neighbor or the people we meet at the grocery store in any way at all. Stop saying Muslims are evil. As I pointed out to my mother, my Muslim friends are absolutely horrified when shit like this happens as my Christian friends are when people spew hate in GOD'S name.  Stop hating people for things they can't change about themselves.

If you are using your religion to justify hating someone then you need a new religion. 

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