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Thanks to Jenn's suggestion I signed up for Geek 2 Geek. I wasn't sure the level of geekiness you needed to be to join. I despise video games, Could never really get into gaming although the one time I did it, it wasn't awful. I just don't have the attention span to be able to sit and concentrate on it for hours. Adult ADD is real.

So I signed up and used this as my profile pic. I had to cut Emmy out of it. It was taken last Friday when I took the girls to a minor league baseball game.
It got a message right away, however the message was from a guy who is 68. Ummm my dad isn't even 68. So yeah that probably isn't gonna work out.

I then got a message from someone 25. Clicking on his profile he said interested in women 20-35. I am sure he noticed I am older than that. I have really gotten a laugh out of the guys that say they are interested in women 18-65 its like yeah lets cover all the bases. 

This opens up a whole new level of etiquette questions for me. If someone messages me and I am not interested do I ignore the message or say sorry you're old enough to be my dad? I have also had a few Sparks. Which is when someone clicks on my profile, or sends me a wink. I must admit I feel a little unwanted when someone clicks on the profile and then passes me by. I know I have clocked on profiles of pictures that seem insane for my own amusement. So I assume that is what they were doing as well.

There was someone who I thought had good potential. I sent him a message. So I will keep you posted on the outcome.

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