Dating Site Update

I like rules. I thrive on routine .These couple of weeks that I've been using G2G has been interesting. I quickly learned there are no rules, no etiquette when dealing with dating sites. So I had to make my own.

First I decided what I wanted. Someone to talk to and maybe go out with occasionally. 

So that means ignoring the messages that start out like:
How You Doin'
Can I take you out for Drinks (especially if they are hundreds of miles away. Ummm yeah lets go out tonight....can travel three states within a few hours?
You look Purdy

However the guys that start the conversation by commenting on something in my profile will receive an email from me.

I'm currently talking to 3 guys. Two are kinda far away but they seem cool and one is a couple hours away, but in a location I travel often for work. So it makes it easy.

I haven't decided if I am keeping it up after the month is up. But so far it has been interesting.

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