Dating is hard work

Dating is hard. Especially when you are a homebody that is social while at work and at school functions but afterwards really doesn't want to look at anyone, and the whole getting to know you phase is annoying. But, I go no where that the opposite sex may be and even work in a field that is 90% women.

I am left with a few choices. Letting friends set me up. The problem with that is all of my friends are like me, they know other moms, and other couples. Not many single men volunteering with the PTA or band booster.

Using Facebook to stalk people from my past that may be available. Problem with that is most guys from my past are there for very good reasons and should stay there. It  has the benefit of meeting friends of friends. But even that now makes me leery since that's how I met my ex that was basically a waste of 5 years. Plus I don't even understand the poke thing. What does it even mean to fb poke someone? Are you saying Hi I haven't talked to you in awhile or it is a flirty thing?

I have thought about signing up for a dating site. But I'm afraid of getting kidnapped and serial killed. I downloaded the plenty of fish app but haven't signed in yet. That does seem like a good way to maybe weed out some crazy.

I had a date set for last week and he canceled on the day of. At least he called me to say something came up with work (yup not believing that) he hasn't contacted me again since. So I think he just changed his mind.

How did you meet your significant other? I need ideas.

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