4th of July Pet Care

I don't know if I have mentioned that I volunteer with an animal rescue. A couple of weeks ago the girls and  I were able to transport 13 cuties from the vet back to rescue shelter. They were all on to their new homes later that week. We wanted to keep Chilly the Great Pyrenees/lab mix, but the zoo at my house is full so we gave him extra loves before we left. Tomorrow, I am transporting 2 more.

Its a long term goal of mine to have my own rescue.  We have been under an almost constant Euth Alert here for cats. Kitten season was rough. I want to take them all home so they don't have to die.

Which brings me to some advice I want to give you. July 5 or the day after your local fire works is one of the busiest days for shelters. Animals get scared at the loud noise and try to get away. Even if your pet is in a fence if they can jump it or squeeze out they will. If the animal is inside make sure the windows are shut so they won't break the screen and get out. Also, make sure they have a collar with your contact info. A microchip would be best. If you are absolutely dying to take your dog to the 4th of July festivities at least put them in a harness. Collar and leashes are easy to slip when the animal is really frightened. If you live near me and don't have a harness just let me know. My boys have a few sets each and I will happily give you one.

I really don't want scared, lost babies roaming the streets. Who knows what would happen to them. Best case, they can get back to you worst case they end up terrified on their own.

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