What Happens in Kentucky....End up on National News

According to blogger. This is my 666 blog post. Which seems fitting since Friday was Friday the 13th.

I actually had a few topics I wanted to write about today so there is even a small chance I will write more than one post this week.

I haven't shared a Crazy Kentucky post lately so I thought I'd share some of the stupid things going on here.

For example my home town made national news again. This time for road rage turned hate crime.

The story goes like this a lesbian was driving her vehicle and cut a man off, easy to do on those roads because it had a weird merge. He followed her the short distance to Walmart and when she got out of the car started yelling at her, calling her a dyke and beat her up. Yeah some real winners we have. 

As the mom of a lesbian (and just because I'm a decent person) this is inexcusable. There is no reason to get so riled up that you follow someone because they cut you off, and especially not then beat you up. 

Kentucky really does have a large group of redneck idiots. That believe in getting way by intimidation if necessary and that women are the lesser sex. Not sure about the while people stood by and watched. I can believe it. People rarely want to get involved.

So that's what's been going on in Kentucky. I bet you thought it was all about horsing racing this time of year.

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