Two reasons I am a terrible blogger

I could write a whole blog post on why I am a terrible blogger. But today I am going to give you two reasons. 

The drains in my bathroom seem to clog all the time. I was putting lots of effort all the time to unclog them. Finally, I decided to pull out my bathtub stopper and add a mesh strainer. I'll spare you the details of all the hair I caught in the tub but picture it, three girls with really long hair and two shih tzus that are scared of the groomer. Not once did I pull out the camera and document how I removed the stopper (I got pissed and pulled up with pliers) or where I found the mesh strainer (lowes 3 different size pack for 6.00) 

Then when the bathroom sink continued to clog and I finally had to break down and buy a shop vac to suction out the water so I could attempt to remove the pipe to clear the clog. 
Imagine my surprise that the pipe broke in half and three visits to lowes later I literally replaced all of my pipes. I didn't write down how I did it or take step by step pictures and in the end it's not pretty because I wasn't strong enough to tighten it as tight as it needed to be. So everything is covered in this super heavy duty silicon tape. But, it doesn't leak and that is the important part. This is before I covered everything in tape.
A bonus reason when I did take pictures of my work (the first one was just to show the people at lowes so they could help me) the pictures were taken with my phone and not staged for blogging/Instagram. But on the bright side we can brush our teeth without having a pool of water left when we get home from work/school. 

As a second bonus I am typing this post on my new phone, having finally ditched AT&T. 

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