Rites of Passage

Its official I have legal age driver. We are going today to try for her permit, so if you live in Kentucky you may want to stay off the roads and sidewalks for awhile. Shew this is probably the hardest birthday we've had. There is just something scary about having a 16 year old. 

She had prom over the weekend and I really can't believe how grown up she is looking 
I volunteered to decorate Hannah's cap for graduation. I may have ruined it. I was distracted and forgot to turn the hat so you are looking at the design as it is on her head. Instead I decorated it as a square. Then I took it apart to turn the fabric. This is what we have so far 
Wish me luck that I can get it fixed. If not I guess I am in the market for another blue graduation cap. But let's say I get it fixed, how cool is Kylo Ren and Darth Vader inside the imperial crest? 

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