Graduation Reflections

Its high school graduation time. Our high school graduated on Friday. My friends daughter was valedictorian. I was so proud of her. She gave a funny speech that made everyone laugh. It made me think back to my graduation. I actually remember my valedictorian's speech. We had a 5 way tie and they took turns reading Dr. Seuss "Oh The Places  You'll Go" I despise Dr. Seuss. He is terrible if you have dyslexia. I really have never understood the hype.

I wish our speech told it like it was. We were sad only because we didn't know what to expect. Deep down we were all happy to get out of there and be done with the tests, the homework, the asking permission to freakin pee. We were tired of the drama, the bullies, did I mention the testing?

I wish someone had said it is ok that you won't speak to half of these people again, because they are not worth your time and effort. That the plans we think we have made for ourselves may not come true and that is ok too because sometimes the plans you make on the fly are the best plans. You are excited about a 10, 15, 20 year reunion now, but when the time comes you really dread going. If that happens don't go. You won't regret it.

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