Who Are They? Star Wars Episode 7 Theories

I finally got to watch Star Wars. I can't believe I waited this long. I suspected I would have to wait so I told Abbey to just go ahead and tell me what happened so there really wasn't any surprises when I watched it. Wouldn't you know just a few days after I watched it the trailer for Rogue One came out.
Don't let this meme kid you I love marvel too!!! 

Being the nerdy family that  we are, Abbey and I had a 3 hour conversation about our theories.  Episode 7 and what we know about Rogue One gives us so much to theorize about.

So if you have never seen any Star Wars movies, Haven't seen or heard about what happens in Episode 7, hate Star Wars memes, or just don't give a shit about Star Wars this post may not be for you.

Lets just start right off the gate with the biggie. Who is Rey?

When I watched episode 7, I immediately thought Rey is Luke's. After all the light saber called to her. It seemed so obvious. Then I did some thinking.

If Rey was Luke's he may have had more of a reaction to his face when she handed him the light saber.

I do think she belongs to a Jedi. One that is good with Jedi mind tricks....."These aren't the droids you are looking for" Oh yeah I went there. I think Rey belongs to Obi Wan, but not his daughter. I believe she is his granddaughter. How cool would the obiwan/anakin-Vader fight be replayed as a Rey/Ben-Kylo Ren fight? I think Kylo Ren being named Ben is a telling sign.

Poe Damron
I think he is the modern day Han Solo. The pretty face heart throb. Although I am leaning toward him being from royalty. That would explain him having a droid even though no one else had one.

Maz Kanata
I don't really have a totally fleshed out theory on her. But I feel like she was a girl friend/significant other of Yoda. That kinda explains how she ended up with Luke's light saber.

I believe we are going to hear more about her in the future. That brings me to

I saw the trailer for Rebel One right after I watched episode 7 so Phasma was fresh in my mind. I think Jyn could be Phasma. "This is a rebellion. I rebel" What better way to rebel than to be a spy for the empire. We must need to see Rebel One before we see episode 8. I think this is because we need to know who Jyn is and I think that is so we can have a bigger story for Phasma.

Before I say this let me first say I came to this conclusion because Snoke is a humanoid not an actual full fledge human, He has a clear o bsession with Luke, and he has the same wound pattern as.....Darth Vader!! Guys, I am such a Vader fan. I am known for my rants about how Vader isn't evil its really the Jedi's doing.  But that is a post for another day.

Have you seen Star Wars? Do you have any theories?

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