TV is good again

I am so excited. In the last couple of months the favorite shows from my teens and early 20's are coming back. I can't decide if I am feeling old because the come backs or if that was  just a really cool time with awesome television.

Fuller House
I really thought this one was going to be stupid. The previews were really cheesy. It wasn't that bad. Predictable but not bad.

I loved this show. It was set in Ohio but I never saw them wear a coat. I am in Cincinnati a few times a month and for about 6 months out of the year I want to wear a coat there. This picks up with them coming back for their school reunion.

Gilmore Girls
This wasn't actually my youth, and I didn't even watch it until it was out on Netflix, I've seen it about 3 times now and will probably watch it again before the new episodes come out. They are making 4 90 minute episodes that follows the cast for a year. The girls laugh that I am Lorelei. 
The People V. OJ
While this obviously this wasn't a show in my youth, it kinda felt like it was because I watched the trial in between classes while I was in college. I am watching it with Abbey. Emmy is really too sensitive for anything like that. She keeps looking at me like WTF?!?! I just nod and say yup that really happened.

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