She's Gonna Change the World

When Emmy got out of the car today I said my usual "love you have a good day" when the door shut I looked at her sister and said "you know she's gonna change the world someday?"

Em had been working on a speech on the way to school today. Tonight she will stand up in front of a room full of teachers and speak to our states education commissioner.

She has a good speech. She talks about the year she had the teacher who shall not be named. How crushed she was after that school year. How her parents got her the help she needed. How her parents paid for and used the tutoring program proven to work for dyslexic students. How she went from reading on a kindergarten level in 2nd grade to being asked to join the academic team in 4th grade. How her 4th grade teacher was willing to teach her the way she could understand and how that literally changed her life. 

This child brings tears to my eyes at how mature she is. If being a crusader for dyslexia awareness isn't enough she donated her birthday money to the world wildlife fund to save the narwhals.

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