Promposal WTF!!!

Thanks to everyone who tried to listen to the podcast. Some were  able to and some weren't. I'm still working on it. If you couldn't tell I am majorly challenged in the technology department. Here is our feedburner link I'm hoping you can listen to it this way until everything gets worked out.

Now on to less scary things.....

Its prom season here. Which means my news feed is clogged with parents and kids posting their promposal pics (the parents posting pics of their kids not that the parents are going to proms)

I really just do not get this. I went to 5 proms in high school So I was asked 5 times. I believe they went something like this. "Hey Holly, Whatacha doing on the night of prom? Nothing? Wanna Go?" There was no carefully staged event that is reminiscent of a wedding proposal Which I have had several of (not all ending in an actual wedding) They usual went something like this "Hey Holly, Wanna get married?" As a side note if I ever get married again It had better be one hell of a promposal level proposal. Actually the next time I date it may have to be a Say Anything  level asking.

So here are some over the top ways people have asked.

Abbey and Hannah are going to Prom again. I don't think they did anything  special. I think it was just a given that they were going to go together.

It does make me wonder what the expectation level will be for the wedding proposal.

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