I'm sorry

I'm sorry. I feel like I've been a terrible blogger. I'm not apologizing for my sparse posting. I'm apologizing for my sparse reading/commenting. I blog because I love the community and the interactions we have. I love hearing what you're up to and seeing pics of your kids/pets/feet on a furry rug clutching a mug. I mean where else will you find someone you've never met in real life but have known for years who will spend several days trying to help you with your podcast. Thanks Steph you are awesome.

I generally like to stay busy, but I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew this time. The end of the school year is always a busy time. Both girls had their yearly adjudication for Choir and Band. All three groups scored a distinguished and the high school choir got recommended to go to state. We still have spring concerts to attend. I'm president of the PTO and we have one more fundraiser (its a dance) and site base elections to plan, and then make sure all the end of year paperwork on expenses and money raised is due, Abbey has prom, her 16th birthday, She's auditioning for drum major, so we've been working on that and I am attempting to finish installing a fence in my backyard. Last year I got one side done but how to do the other sides took me forever to decide what I wanted.  Add to that work has been busy and I've started making shirts for people outside of my family.

Which leads me to, I am trying my hand at an etsy shop. Its very much a work in progress. I am adding some glitter keychains this week. I can do custom stuff too so if you have something in mind just ask.

Even with Steph's help I am still at a standstill between me and itunes. They are saying my image is too small they say its 1024 and my photo editing program is saying its 1400. If anyone wants to take a look at that, that would make me happy. They are also saying they can't download the episodes. All of this makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

So I am sorry I haven't be commenting. I am trying to catch up I promise.

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