A few updates

know I said I'd have the podcast launched today but we had several glitches over the weekend and so it's not quiet ready. You can still listen to the premier episode by clicking on the player at the top of our page www.hauntedfamilypodcast.com I'm hoping sometime later this week you can listen to us on iTunes and audioboom. If you have a story you want to share we'd be happy to share it. You can send the story to hauntedfamilypodcast@gmail.com or my personal email hollys@email.com

Today Emmy turns 12 today. We had a movie star slumber party. I had to make her lots of glitter things. Of course I forgot to actually write this post when I had the pictures handy. So here is some grainy phone pics. 

The baby kitties are 2 weeks old now and have their eyes open. They are so sweet.

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