I'm sorry

I'm sorry. I feel like I've been a terrible blogger. I'm not apologizing for my sparse posting. I'm apologizing for my sparse reading/commenting. I blog because I love the community and the interactions we have. I love hearing what you're up to and seeing pics of your kids/pets/feet on a furry rug clutching a mug. I mean where else will you find someone you've never met in real life but have known for years who will spend several days trying to help you with your podcast. Thanks Steph you are awesome.

I generally like to stay busy, but I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew this time. The end of the school year is always a busy time. Both girls had their yearly adjudication for Choir and Band. All three groups scored a distinguished and the high school choir got recommended to go to state. We still have spring concerts to attend. I'm president of the PTO and we have one more fundraiser (its a dance) and site base elections to plan, and then make sure all the end of year paperwork on expenses and money raised is due, Abbey has prom, her 16th birthday, She's auditioning for drum major, so we've been working on that and I am attempting to finish installing a fence in my backyard. Last year I got one side done but how to do the other sides took me forever to decide what I wanted.  Add to that work has been busy and I've started making shirts for people outside of my family.

Which leads me to, I am trying my hand at an etsy shop. Its very much a work in progress. I am adding some glitter keychains this week. I can do custom stuff too so if you have something in mind just ask.

Even with Steph's help I am still at a standstill between me and itunes. They are saying my image is too small they say its 1024 and my photo editing program is saying its 1400. If anyone wants to take a look at that, that would make me happy. They are also saying they can't download the episodes. All of this makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

So I am sorry I haven't be commenting. I am trying to catch up I promise.

She's Gonna Change the World

When Emmy got out of the car today I said my usual "love you have a good day" when the door shut I looked at her sister and said "you know she's gonna change the world someday?"

Em had been working on a speech on the way to school today. Tonight she will stand up in front of a room full of teachers and speak to our states education commissioner.

She has a good speech. She talks about the year she had the teacher who shall not be named. How crushed she was after that school year. How her parents got her the help she needed. How her parents paid for and used the tutoring program proven to work for dyslexic students. How she went from reading on a kindergarten level in 2nd grade to being asked to join the academic team in 4th grade. How her 4th grade teacher was willing to teach her the way she could understand and how that literally changed her life. 

This child brings tears to my eyes at how mature she is. If being a crusader for dyslexia awareness isn't enough she donated her birthday money to the world wildlife fund to save the narwhals.


Who Are They? Star Wars Episode 7 Theories

I finally got to watch Star Wars. I can't believe I waited this long. I suspected I would have to wait so I told Abbey to just go ahead and tell me what happened so there really wasn't any surprises when I watched it. Wouldn't you know just a few days after I watched it the trailer for Rogue One came out.
Don't let this meme kid you I love marvel too!!! 

Being the nerdy family that  we are, Abbey and I had a 3 hour conversation about our theories.  Episode 7 and what we know about Rogue One gives us so much to theorize about.

So if you have never seen any Star Wars movies, Haven't seen or heard about what happens in Episode 7, hate Star Wars memes, or just don't give a shit about Star Wars this post may not be for you.

Lets just start right off the gate with the biggie. Who is Rey?

When I watched episode 7, I immediately thought Rey is Luke's. After all the light saber called to her. It seemed so obvious. Then I did some thinking.

If Rey was Luke's he may have had more of a reaction to his face when she handed him the light saber.

I do think she belongs to a Jedi. One that is good with Jedi mind tricks....."These aren't the droids you are looking for" Oh yeah I went there. I think Rey belongs to Obi Wan, but not his daughter. I believe she is his granddaughter. How cool would the obiwan/anakin-Vader fight be replayed as a Rey/Ben-Kylo Ren fight? I think Kylo Ren being named Ben is a telling sign.

Poe Damron
I think he is the modern day Han Solo. The pretty face heart throb. Although I am leaning toward him being from royalty. That would explain him having a droid even though no one else had one.

Maz Kanata
I don't really have a totally fleshed out theory on her. But I feel like she was a girl friend/significant other of Yoda. That kinda explains how she ended up with Luke's light saber.

I believe we are going to hear more about her in the future. That brings me to

I saw the trailer for Rebel One right after I watched episode 7 so Phasma was fresh in my mind. I think Jyn could be Phasma. "This is a rebellion. I rebel" What better way to rebel than to be a spy for the empire. We must need to see Rebel One before we see episode 8. I think this is because we need to know who Jyn is and I think that is so we can have a bigger story for Phasma.

Before I say this let me first say I came to this conclusion because Snoke is a humanoid not an actual full fledge human, He has a clear o bsession with Luke, and he has the same wound pattern as.....Darth Vader!! Guys, I am such a Vader fan. I am known for my rants about how Vader isn't evil its really the Jedi's doing.  But that is a post for another day.

Have you seen Star Wars? Do you have any theories?


TV is good again

I am so excited. In the last couple of months the favorite shows from my teens and early 20's are coming back. I can't decide if I am feeling old because the come backs or if that was  just a really cool time with awesome television.

Fuller House
I really thought this one was going to be stupid. The previews were really cheesy. It wasn't that bad. Predictable but not bad.

I loved this show. It was set in Ohio but I never saw them wear a coat. I am in Cincinnati a few times a month and for about 6 months out of the year I want to wear a coat there. This picks up with them coming back for their school reunion.

Gilmore Girls
This wasn't actually my youth, and I didn't even watch it until it was out on Netflix, I've seen it about 3 times now and will probably watch it again before the new episodes come out. They are making 4 90 minute episodes that follows the cast for a year. The girls laugh that I am Lorelei. 
The People V. OJ
While this obviously this wasn't a show in my youth, it kinda felt like it was because I watched the trial in between classes while I was in college. I am watching it with Abbey. Emmy is really too sensitive for anything like that. She keeps looking at me like WTF?!?! I just nod and say yup that really happened.


Promposal WTF!!!

Thanks to everyone who tried to listen to the podcast. Some were  able to and some weren't. I'm still working on it. If you couldn't tell I am majorly challenged in the technology department. Here is our feedburner link I'm hoping you can listen to it this way until everything gets worked out.

Now on to less scary things.....

Its prom season here. Which means my news feed is clogged with parents and kids posting their promposal pics (the parents posting pics of their kids not that the parents are going to proms)

I really just do not get this. I went to 5 proms in high school So I was asked 5 times. I believe they went something like this. "Hey Holly, Whatacha doing on the night of prom? Nothing? Wanna Go?" There was no carefully staged event that is reminiscent of a wedding proposal Which I have had several of (not all ending in an actual wedding) They usual went something like this "Hey Holly, Wanna get married?" As a side note if I ever get married again It had better be one hell of a promposal level proposal. Actually the next time I date it may have to be a Say Anything  level asking.

So here are some over the top ways people have asked.

Abbey and Hannah are going to Prom again. I don't think they did anything  special. I think it was just a given that they were going to go together.

It does make me wonder what the expectation level will be for the wedding proposal.

A few updates

know I said I'd have the podcast launched today but we had several glitches over the weekend and so it's not quiet ready. You can still listen to the premier episode by clicking on the player at the top of our page www.hauntedfamilypodcast.com I'm hoping sometime later this week you can listen to us on iTunes and audioboom. If you have a story you want to share we'd be happy to share it. You can send the story to hauntedfamilypodcast@gmail.com or my personal email hollys@email.com

Today Emmy turns 12 today. We had a movie star slumber party. I had to make her lots of glitter things. Of course I forgot to actually write this post when I had the pictures handy. So here is some grainy phone pics. 

The baby kitties are 2 weeks old now and have their eyes open. They are so sweet.

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