Who Says You Can't Go Home Again

I haven't lived in my hometown since I was 18. I ran away to go to school and just never returned for good. As time has gone on, I visit less and less. I went home last weekend. Another long lost resident was visiting and since he was bigger and more famous  than I am, I thought I could make a quick trip in and out.

I succeed. I managed to avoid nearly everyone I didn't want to run in to. Which was a giant feat because I went to a concert. I know I mentioned a few times I went to high school with Chris Stapleton. Yeah the Chris Stapleton that won 2 grammys  recently. He was nice enough to have a free concert. Tickets were first come first serve so I was surprised that My sister and I manged to get enough tickets for us and the girls  to go. It was amazing. I swear him and his wife are my relationship goal. He also donated 57 thousand worth of new instruments to the band and donated an outdoor stage. Such a great guy.
I know it seems like I just had a funny things from Kentucky post but I have another. A church near my house has sayings on their signs. They change it out every so often. The sign this week has made lots of people laugh including myself. 

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