Straight Outta Kentucky

Its been awhile since I've had any new Kentucky stories. I actually have a couple of stories today. Some people may think the story is about how UK basketball is the SEC champs, but I don't like basketball so this has nothing to do with that.

Sometimes (apparently) when you really want sex you can't wait until you get to a house, so you do the next best thing. You know go to the local Hardees and have sex in the parking lot. Who cares if its busy. You look hot  strung out on drugs and don't care who sees you. In fact who knows it could turn out like Kim Kardashian's sex tape and make you a ton of cash, or you get arrested and everyone laughs at how dumb you are.
The next story makes me sad that anyone in Kentucky could be so dumb. Especially someone you'd expect better of. A medal of honor winning Marine has apparently gotten Bristol Palin pregnant. Thankfully a judge has granted the dad joint custody so hopefully the baby can be raised in a normal environment. I will add that I hate the sensationalized stories that say she "lost custody" joint and shared custody is not a loss of custody. Its just doing what is right. I have joint custody with my ex husband. We co-parent because that's what's right for the kids. Custody should not be a "battle" it should be doing what is in the best interest of the kids.  Ok climbing off my soap box now.

The final story is just plain funny. So, we got a new governor recently, he posted a video on his facebook of himself in the capitol wondering where the democrats were because they were suppose to be working on the budget. Except he filmed the video in the wrong location. The democrats, who were working in the annex building, of course fired back with their own. Social media has exploded with people wondering where Bevin will pop up next. They've even included the hashtag #BevinSoLost
Like I have said never a dull moment here. 
As a side note you may remember last year on this day.....Ultimate Pi day. That I brought home a Shih Tzu from the animal shelter. He had been in a hoarder house and to say he was terrified would be an understatement. You can read his post here. I warn you though, its sad.
He is so sweet and I am so happy to be celebrating his gotcha day today. He really is the best little dog ever, the perfect playmate for Westley.

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