Who Says You Can't Go Home Again

I haven't lived in my hometown since I was 18. I ran away to go to school and just never returned for good. As time has gone on, I visit less and less. I went home last weekend. Another long lost resident was visiting and since he was bigger and more famous  than I am, I thought I could make a quick trip in and out.

I succeed. I managed to avoid nearly everyone I didn't want to run in to. Which was a giant feat because I went to a concert. I know I mentioned a few times I went to high school with Chris Stapleton. Yeah the Chris Stapleton that won 2 grammys  recently. He was nice enough to have a free concert. Tickets were first come first serve so I was surprised that My sister and I manged to get enough tickets for us and the girls  to go. It was amazing. I swear him and his wife are my relationship goal. He also donated 57 thousand worth of new instruments to the band and donated an outdoor stage. Such a great guy.
I know it seems like I just had a funny things from Kentucky post but I have another. A church near my house has sayings on their signs. They change it out every so often. The sign this week has made lots of people laugh including myself. 


There are babies in the house

Do you remember a few months ago when the cat showed up inside my house? Well we later learned she was pregnant. 

Last night we got to witness the miracle of life. Just an FYI I'm pretty sure the kids are scarred from ever having kids. 

But here are the sweet little babies 
I could just eat them up so are so sweet. Of course we named them. The black one is sparkle because it was born first and somehow ended up with glitter on its head (seriously the blog is aptly named). The grey one is mouse because it looks like a mouse. The brownish one is Charlie because it had a chevron pattern on its head that looks like Charlie Browns shirt. 


Straight Outta Kentucky

Its been awhile since I've had any new Kentucky stories. I actually have a couple of stories today. Some people may think the story is about how UK basketball is the SEC champs, but I don't like basketball so this has nothing to do with that.

Sometimes (apparently) when you really want sex you can't wait until you get to a house, so you do the next best thing. You know go to the local Hardees and have sex in the parking lot. Who cares if its busy. You look hot  strung out on drugs and don't care who sees you. In fact who knows it could turn out like Kim Kardashian's sex tape and make you a ton of cash, or you get arrested and everyone laughs at how dumb you are.
The next story makes me sad that anyone in Kentucky could be so dumb. Especially someone you'd expect better of. A medal of honor winning Marine has apparently gotten Bristol Palin pregnant. Thankfully a judge has granted the dad joint custody so hopefully the baby can be raised in a normal environment. I will add that I hate the sensationalized stories that say she "lost custody" joint and shared custody is not a loss of custody. Its just doing what is right. I have joint custody with my ex husband. We co-parent because that's what's right for the kids. Custody should not be a "battle" it should be doing what is in the best interest of the kids.  Ok climbing off my soap box now.

The final story is just plain funny. So, we got a new governor recently, he posted a video on his facebook of himself in the capitol wondering where the democrats were because they were suppose to be working on the budget. Except he filmed the video in the wrong location. The democrats, who were working in the annex building, of course fired back with their own. Social media has exploded with people wondering where Bevin will pop up next. They've even included the hashtag #BevinSoLost
Like I have said never a dull moment here. 
As a side note you may remember last year on this day.....Ultimate Pi day. That I brought home a Shih Tzu from the animal shelter. He had been in a hoarder house and to say he was terrified would be an understatement. You can read his post here. I warn you though, its sad.
He is so sweet and I am so happy to be celebrating his gotcha day today. He really is the best little dog ever, the perfect playmate for Westley.


My child is a meme and I couldn't be happier

I remember many years ago, I believe I was in high school. I was watching the news and heard them mention Bill Cosby's son was dyslexic and he was speaking somewhere about dyslexia. My thought when I heard this was how awful to have have something like that, I wouldn't know how to live.

Well years later the sweetest little green eyed girl with pig tails taught me just how you can live with dyslexia. I've mentioned our struggles with dyslexia and even have a page that chronicles some of what we have dealt with. I didn't know I was dyslexic until until we took Em to be diagnosed. I knew when I do math my numbers move around but I just thought I was crazy or maybe just had bad sight. I also  thought I was a bad speller. I didn't know all those factors was because I am mildly dyslexic. I managed to to work around my problems so no one knew. I ave noticed as I've gotten older my symptoms have gotten worse. Thank God for spell check.

It took hitting a wall with the wittiest kid  I knew. Wondering why she could remember everything since she was 3 but couldn't remember words on her spelling or sight word list. Why homework was a nightmare that took hours every night, yet when I picked her up from school she could quote word for word everything her teacher had said during the day.

I'll spare you the details but over the years I've watched her overcome a mountain of obstacles to get where she is. So when I was called and asked for a quote from Emmy on how her dyslexia has affected her. I had no idea that the finished product would be a meme.

My baby gets to be a poster child for dyslexia awareness. I never in a million years expected that our story would touch others and that others would benefit from everything we've gone through. But here we are 4 years after our journey began and Emmy's story is being shared by people I don't even know but people who want others to know that a diagnosis of dyslexia is not a death sentence. You can not only live but succeed.

Kitchen organization makeover

Spring is always a time when I start making changes. Its like the changing of the season makes me restless and looking for something different.  Which may also be why I felt this was the right time to start a podcast.

Anyway, Last week I walked in my house and tripped over a pile of shoes. This was not the first time this has happened. Its actually fairly common. But this particular day I had enough. So I sat down and wrote out a list of things  that annoy me about my entry way/kitchen. It was a pretty long list.
I needed a pantry, place to store lunch boxes, puppy pee pads, and shoes. I also hated that I didn't have any drawer space and the storage container I keep the pet food in needed a better location.

I told you it was a big list.

So I researched storage cabinets that could be a pantry and a place to store shoes.
This side holds large kitchen items that I didn't have homes for. It also acts as a pantry for lunch boxes and lunch supplies. 
This side holds shoes, hats and scarves, puppy pads, leashes and harnesses. 

That still didn't fix the problem of having no drawer space. This last weekend I ran into the Habitat Resale Store. People donate items and all profits go to help build houses for Habitat for Humanity. While there I found a small 12X24 kitchen cabinet that is only drawers. I was able to move the refrigerator and slide the cabinet in place. I found a tile at lowes that perfectly fit the cabinet.

 Now all I have to do it paint all the cabinets so it looks more cohesive. I really hate white so I am leaning toward black or grey. 


So I haven't done this in awhile but I have some stuff that I want to get off my chest.

I hate bluehost. I tried to set the podcast website up through them and 250 dollars later I still don't have a website. I requested a refund but of course I have to jump through hoops and fill out forms before that happens.

My boss told me I had a complaint. I remembered the situation with the person and felt I did my best with them. This really bothers me. I always try to treat people like I want to be treated and then to have them say they felt it sucked really bothers me.

This comes a few weeks after my yearly evaluation where I did great and received a raise, but she said I should work on "not telling long winded stories" That comment was going through my head when I decided to start the podcast so I guess that was a positive.

I have to admit that I marathon watched Fuller House. The preview was really cheesy and I was hesitant to watch it. But, Em turned it on and loved it (I think she's watched it twice) I have to say it wasn't too bad. Still cheesy but not as bad as I was afraid.
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