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I know its been pretty quiet over here. I'm going to be honest with you, Its a few reasons. The directions blogs are taking is boring me. Sorry but everyday being a How to..., 5 ways to, 10 things I.... I am just tuning it out. Its not fun or interesting, for the most part. Yeah I pin posts like that, but I rarely ever follow those blogs or read more than just that one post. It has gotten me thinking, do I want to conform? No. no, I don't. If I don't is there a reason t o keep this little space alive?

I've also got about 3 new projects I'm working on and hopefully will be able to share soon. They are things that excite me and give me the boost I need to get through another grey winter day. Seriously, I think I'd like winter so much more if we had some sun, and maybe color. Dead trees and grass depress me.

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