When Technology Lets You Down

Last week I took Emmy to All State Choir. It happens during the Kentucky Music Educators (KMEA) conference in Louisville. We get to stay at a nice hotel and she is in rehearsals for a few days while I watch and try not to pick up band directors because I have terrible luck with them.   She auditioned back in October and we had to wait for what seemed like forever to find out of she made it. For the first time in school history a 6th grader made it. So yeah super proud mommy moment. I may be a little braggy about having one of the best singers in Kentucky. Two if you count Abbey who didn't make all state but came close. Her director said sight reading threw her off.

On day 1 I was having trouble connecting to the internet. Seriously expensive hotel why not have better wifi? My sister suggested turning my phone off and back on to see if that helped. A note to those with iphones and who have not updated their ios. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!!! My phone wouldn't turn back on. I had to chaperoned a trip coordinating with other parents and I had no working phone. It really made me wonder how my parents survived parenting. Then I remembered they didn't chaperoned trips so they wouldn't have cared. I had to wait until I got back home and call tech support. 3 tech calls later my phone was working again. This was our view. If you looked to the right you could see people exercising. I found that more fascinating than the river.
I did manage to survive,  but just barely. I borrowed Emmy's phone. Which I didn't know how to work because she has a Galaxy Edge. There was an error with my name tag. I am not a McKenzie. I told them they made a mistake and they offered to cross it out. I decided to just leave it. Thankfully no one questioned me.
Then last night while watching the Super Bowl and wearing the shirt I made myself. You may remember the shirt I made Em for All State. I also made her one for Volleyball Tryouts. I've become a little obsessed with this new hobby.
Two transformers in my town blew and I was without power for about 45 minutes. During the super bowl! I was a little annoyed. Thankfully I had people who had electric texting me the score. It came back on in time for me to see the Broncos win. I had so many friends all week long pretty much give them no chance in hell of winning. I somehow kept my mouth shut. The loss 2 years ago taught me a lesson. So I didn't say anything. So glad the score said it all for me.

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