Left Brain? Right Brain? No Brain?

I took this quiz on Saturday Its suppose to tell me which side of my brain I use. By Sunday I had forgotten what the quiz said. I think it was Symbolic though, which is right brain. So I decided to take it again. This time it said Math, which is left. Now this is funny because I hate math. I am terrible at math. In high school I did just what I had to in order to graduate. In fact my junior year a friend did all my work for me. This friend is now a Doctor. I like to think the extra math work I asked him to do for me assisted him in this career path. My senior year I had all the math credits I needed to graduate so when I got placed in a  math class I told my teacher I was going to just sit in the back and read and if they didn't call on me I wouldn't cause trouble. How the hell I got away with that is beyond me. But it worked. She never called on me and I never turned anything in. Except the end of the year portfolio. Did you guys have to do educational portfolios? Its basically a bunch of writing pieces that people at the Department of Education reads and grades you on. I remember the questions being completely insane. Questions looked a lot like this.

 I failed the class though, but still got accepted into college. Again, no idea how. It wasn't until recently (when we got Em tested and diagnosed) I learned I am dyslexic and all the times I would complain that the numbers moved around I wasn't just crazy or lazy. Those are clearly factors though.

So anyway, I am working on something that will hopefully be loads of fun (shooting for an April 1or 5 launch date) but in the mean time it is making me use a side of the brain I am not use to using. When I started my blog I chose Blogger because the lazy mentioned above. It was easy and for the longest time I didn't even have a custom domain name. But with the new project I need an actual website and I need it to be able to embed audio files at the least, having shop capabilities would be an awesome bonus. During my research I  learned that Wordpress is a program? So I still need a host site? If you have wordpress and want to attempt to explain the details to me I promise to try to understand the technical stuff.   


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