3 Days and 150 Thousand dollars

My sister and I love visiting places that are suppose to be haunted. It probably started way back when we were little. Our house was on the property of what use to be a coal mine. In our backyard, visible from the door, was the opening to what was the number 5 mine. When I lived there it was boarded up. 41 years (almost to the day) that I was born There was an accident and a section of the mine collapsed killing 9 people. I'm not sure if they were ever able to recover the bodies due to the build up of gas. Growing up in a spot that is legendary got us interested in the paranormal.
This was my yard, The coal tipple was removed. I have  always thought it would have been fun to play on it. Like a giant tree house.

In September we were able to cross the biggest item off our bucket lists when we visited Waverly Hills. Its an abandoned TB Hospital located in Louisville Kentucky.

Over the weekend I signed us up to get a chance to cross another item off. Ghost Adventures is running a contest to find a couple to spend three nights with them inside Bobby Mackey's. They have visited there a few times you can watch one visit here. They say its the most haunted place they've ever visited. If the couple who wins their contest can last the 3 days they will win 150 thousand dollars. So I didn't even hesitate to sign me and Heather up. This place is about 2 hours from me. I drive past it a few times a month for work, and will drive past it again in a few days, but I've never been inside.

I don't believe all the hype. For one thing the Ghost Adventure people say that its haunted by the ghost of Pearl Bryan whose headless body was found in a field nearby and that she was killed by Satanist. Well that's not correct. She was killed in 1896 by her boyfriend who was a dental student because she was pregnant. She wasn't found "nearby" she was found nearly 5 miles away and not even on the same road, It take about 15-20 minutes to get to the location where her body was found, from Bobby Mackey's. She was found behind what is now the YMCA. So I would be eager to see if the other claims are false as well. I doubt we have much of a chance of winning, but it would be exciting.

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