Last week I posed a question about Wordpress. I mentioned a project I was working on. I hated vague posting but I wasn't far enough along in the planning to make an announcement. Although if you asked, I told you in the comments. So here is the big announcement of what I have been working on.

I am working on a podcast! 

Since I listened to Serial last year I have really gotten into podcasts. I subscribe to several like, Undisclosed, Truth and Justice, Crime Writers On. Then I branched out to criminal, This American Life, Generation Why, Organize 365, you get the idea. 

I'm on the road a lot and when I'm not I'm in an office by myself. The podcasts give me a voice in the room that isn't just my own.

One day while driving it hit me that my most popular blog post is the one I did on the paranormal activities at my old university. I have lots more stories like that and so does my sister. 

I called her immediately and we started working out the details. I'm shooting for a launch date if April 4. Which is my daughters birthday. You'll hear more details closer to the date. 
What you'll hear is paranormal stories from our lives. The occasional true crime/mystery that fascinates us, and listeners stories. We also have some guest hosts spots lined up. If you want to submit a story or want to be a guest just send us an email. The email address is 

We are working on the website right now but you'll be able to view it at I am so proud of our theme music. It pays to have kids in the arts. I asked a friend of Abbey's if he could help us and what he came up with was awesome. 

We also hope to have a little shop and sale logo shirts, koozies, and other items. 

I am so excited about this project. Unlike the blog this one has had several upfront costs so I hope you all check it out and tell your friends. I'd hate to think we were just talking to ourselves. 

Left Brain? Right Brain? No Brain?

I took this quiz on Saturday Its suppose to tell me which side of my brain I use. By Sunday I had forgotten what the quiz said. I think it was Symbolic though, which is right brain. So I decided to take it again. This time it said Math, which is left. Now this is funny because I hate math. I am terrible at math. In high school I did just what I had to in order to graduate. In fact my junior year a friend did all my work for me. This friend is now a Doctor. I like to think the extra math work I asked him to do for me assisted him in this career path. My senior year I had all the math credits I needed to graduate so when I got placed in a  math class I told my teacher I was going to just sit in the back and read and if they didn't call on me I wouldn't cause trouble. How the hell I got away with that is beyond me. But it worked. She never called on me and I never turned anything in. Except the end of the year portfolio. Did you guys have to do educational portfolios? Its basically a bunch of writing pieces that people at the Department of Education reads and grades you on. I remember the questions being completely insane. Questions looked a lot like this.

 I failed the class though, but still got accepted into college. Again, no idea how. It wasn't until recently (when we got Em tested and diagnosed) I learned I am dyslexic and all the times I would complain that the numbers moved around I wasn't just crazy or lazy. Those are clearly factors though.

So anyway, I am working on something that will hopefully be loads of fun (shooting for an April 1or 5 launch date) but in the mean time it is making me use a side of the brain I am not use to using. When I started my blog I chose Blogger because the lazy mentioned above. It was easy and for the longest time I didn't even have a custom domain name. But with the new project I need an actual website and I need it to be able to embed audio files at the least, having shop capabilities would be an awesome bonus. During my research I  learned that Wordpress is a program? So I still need a host site? If you have wordpress and want to attempt to explain the details to me I promise to try to understand the technical stuff.   


Where I've been

I know its been pretty quiet over here. I'm going to be honest with you, Its a few reasons. The directions blogs are taking is boring me. Sorry but everyday being a How to..., 5 ways to, 10 things I.... I am just tuning it out. Its not fun or interesting, for the most part. Yeah I pin posts like that, but I rarely ever follow those blogs or read more than just that one post. It has gotten me thinking, do I want to conform? No. no, I don't. If I don't is there a reason t o keep this little space alive?

I've also got about 3 new projects I'm working on and hopefully will be able to share soon. They are things that excite me and give me the boost I need to get through another grey winter day. Seriously, I think I'd like winter so much more if we had some sun, and maybe color. Dead trees and grass depress me.

3 Days and 150 Thousand dollars

My sister and I love visiting places that are suppose to be haunted. It probably started way back when we were little. Our house was on the property of what use to be a coal mine. In our backyard, visible from the door, was the opening to what was the number 5 mine. When I lived there it was boarded up. 41 years (almost to the day) that I was born There was an accident and a section of the mine collapsed killing 9 people. I'm not sure if they were ever able to recover the bodies due to the build up of gas. Growing up in a spot that is legendary got us interested in the paranormal.
This was my yard, The coal tipple was removed. I have  always thought it would have been fun to play on it. Like a giant tree house.

In September we were able to cross the biggest item off our bucket lists when we visited Waverly Hills. Its an abandoned TB Hospital located in Louisville Kentucky.

Over the weekend I signed us up to get a chance to cross another item off. Ghost Adventures is running a contest to find a couple to spend three nights with them inside Bobby Mackey's. They have visited there a few times you can watch one visit here. They say its the most haunted place they've ever visited. If the couple who wins their contest can last the 3 days they will win 150 thousand dollars. So I didn't even hesitate to sign me and Heather up. This place is about 2 hours from me. I drive past it a few times a month for work, and will drive past it again in a few days, but I've never been inside.

I don't believe all the hype. For one thing the Ghost Adventure people say that its haunted by the ghost of Pearl Bryan whose headless body was found in a field nearby and that she was killed by Satanist. Well that's not correct. She was killed in 1896 by her boyfriend who was a dental student because she was pregnant. She wasn't found "nearby" she was found nearly 5 miles away and not even on the same road, It take about 15-20 minutes to get to the location where her body was found, from Bobby Mackey's. She was found behind what is now the YMCA. So I would be eager to see if the other claims are false as well. I doubt we have much of a chance of winning, but it would be exciting.

When Technology Lets You Down

Last week I took Emmy to All State Choir. It happens during the Kentucky Music Educators (KMEA) conference in Louisville. We get to stay at a nice hotel and she is in rehearsals for a few days while I watch and try not to pick up band directors because I have terrible luck with them.   She auditioned back in October and we had to wait for what seemed like forever to find out of she made it. For the first time in school history a 6th grader made it. So yeah super proud mommy moment. I may be a little braggy about having one of the best singers in Kentucky. Two if you count Abbey who didn't make all state but came close. Her director said sight reading threw her off.

On day 1 I was having trouble connecting to the internet. Seriously expensive hotel why not have better wifi? My sister suggested turning my phone off and back on to see if that helped. A note to those with iphones and who have not updated their ios. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!!! My phone wouldn't turn back on. I had to chaperoned a trip coordinating with other parents and I had no working phone. It really made me wonder how my parents survived parenting. Then I remembered they didn't chaperoned trips so they wouldn't have cared. I had to wait until I got back home and call tech support. 3 tech calls later my phone was working again. This was our view. If you looked to the right you could see people exercising. I found that more fascinating than the river.
I did manage to survive,  but just barely. I borrowed Emmy's phone. Which I didn't know how to work because she has a Galaxy Edge. There was an error with my name tag. I am not a McKenzie. I told them they made a mistake and they offered to cross it out. I decided to just leave it. Thankfully no one questioned me.
Then last night while watching the Super Bowl and wearing the shirt I made myself. You may remember the shirt I made Em for All State. I also made her one for Volleyball Tryouts. I've become a little obsessed with this new hobby.
Two transformers in my town blew and I was without power for about 45 minutes. During the super bowl! I was a little annoyed. Thankfully I had people who had electric texting me the score. It came back on in time for me to see the Broncos win. I had so many friends all week long pretty much give them no chance in hell of winning. I somehow kept my mouth shut. The loss 2 years ago taught me a lesson. So I didn't say anything. So glad the score said it all for me.

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