What would you do if you won the lottery

You may have heard that the lottery is over a million dollars. I never buy a ticket until it gets crazy high. I can't help but start to daydream on what I would do if I suddenly had that kind of money.

One of my life goals is to start a rescue for Shih Tzu's and other small breed dogs. I actually really want to do this even if I don't win the lottery.

But if I win the lottery My favorite rescues will get money and I will finally be able to open mine. I had a little interview with my new supervisor a couple of months ago and she asked what I see myself doing in the future and I told her about my plan to start a rescue after I retire. She asked why not now. I don't want to rely on the money my rescue gets for my upkeep. I want it all to go to the animals. So, I have to wait until I am retired.

All of my animals were rescued. All of them have a story some absolutely heart breaking. Most of the cats were just dumped somewhere. Left to starve. Two had respiratory infections when I found them. Westley was living in a camper trailer, and Max was in the shelter after being pulled from an animal hoarder that had 42 other dogs. It kills my soul to see animals hurting. 

Of course the completely practical pay my house, car, and student loans off, pay for kids to go to any college they want blah blah blah. 

Open a magnet school that teaches using an Orton Gillingham method so Dyslexic students don't get lost in the cracks. Nothing makes me more enraged than schools going out of the way to skirt the requirements to recognize that it is real, then offer screening and appropriate education. I use to keep a copy of the bill with me so when I was told they were doing what was required I could pull it out and show them that they weren't.

So what would you do with all that money?

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