What I've been up to this year

You would think after taking an almost 2 week blogging (and work) break that I'd come back refreshed and full of ideas, but for some reason I am having a weird writers block. So lets just talk about what I've been up to.

My sister started a blog. I have been harassing her to start one, for ages. Its mainly stories about her neighbors. You won't be disappointed they are some crazy people. So stop by and say Hi. Tell her I sent  ya, and possibly follow her on Bloglovin. Its called Chronicles of White Trash Rednecks. I mean doesn't that just MAKE you want to read it.

I finally made that jar for all the positive things that happen throughout the year. So far it only has one thing in it. Em had to write that she got to spend the day in her jammies watching t v. Since that is what she did every day during the break, I'm not sure how that was so special.

I also made this pallet picture. Its actually not really a pallet. Its just strips of wood that I screwed together, stained and then cut the pic into strips and glued them on the wood. I've been so lazy this fox was one Abbey got for Christmas. She stuck it on the mantle to get it out of the way, and its still there.

I put together a book shelf and set it up as a little craft station. I still have the bulk of my stuff in a separate room, but this is the stuff that needed to be near the computer. I also made that sign that says "I just want to make beautiful things"

I started to watch Netflix's Making a Murderer and no clue why, because I couldn't get into it. I am going to try again, because everyone say's its good. Have you seen it? Do you think its good?

I've been thinking about my predictions for 2016. I'm hoping I have them finalized later this week.

I am also waiting on a call from Emmy's school today. Looks like I am back to having to advocate for her best interests. Why is it whenever I think we are doing well, shit happens? In case you are wondering. Her report card is fine, They are wanting to pull her out of choir to do "intervention" because she did poorly on the math portion of a standardized test. People, if I have said once I have said it a million time. A standardized test is NOT going to tell me what she knows. I'll keep you posted of course.

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