My Winter To-Do List

Friday when I was working I told someone I'd email them something when I got back to my office on Monday. They reminded me that it was a holiday. I have no idea how I forgot about a 3 day weekend.

So, Kentucky is finally experiencing winter. I am not really happy about it. Mostly because I kept putting off the winterizing things that needed to be done.

Last year my water froze and my pipes burst. The insulation got wet and fell, and kinda dissolved. It was the end of winter so I didn't really feel like going back under the house to fix it. Then summer came and I was afraid to go under because who knows what may be there (terrified of snakes). Fall I was busy and then the first part of winter was nice and I pretty much forgot about it.

Friday, I came home and it was bitter cold, I remembered the list of things left to do.

I needed to seal the door that goes to my crawl space. It had some gaps around it. So in the cold with flurries flying I filled the gaps with a pool noodle.

With the threat of single digit temps I finally went under the house to wrap my pipes with insulation. Why is it those tubes never go as far as you think they will. I imagined it would be enough to do the whole house. I was wrong by more than half.

I still need to go under the house and replace the fallen insulation, and then I noticed the insulation in the area of Abbey's room has fallen. So that's on my agenda for after work today. 

This is definitely the downside of being a homeowner.

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