Meanwhile In Kentucky

This was never meant to be a reoccuring theme on my blog. But, looking around we have some crazy ass shit going on over here and I would hate to deprive you the humor.

So, last time I shared with you the woman who bit her husband because they were fighting over Hilary Duff. 

Today is a two part-er. First up Last week we had a big storm. Someone recorded their neighbor dressed as a T Rex shoveling the snow. You can watch the news clip here. 
I am lucky to get out of my PJ pants when I shovel my driveway. During this snow I waited three days before I even attempted it.

The second part is A school in Kentucky got a grant to buy pedal desks. So they kids can pedal when they are feeling fidgety.  I didn't pay any attention to the story until I saw a link to the Scary Mommy blog's post about how awful it was. Call me crazy but I have a pedal under my desk so I can move while having to sit.
Emmy made all state choir. So of course I had to make her a shirt. Because, I'm I obsessed with my heat press and she needed a shirt that told the other kids that she is better than them. Yeah. sorry not sorry I am THAT mom.

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