Confessions Wednesday

A blog post popped up in my reader about ways to teach letter reversals in dyslexics. I really wanted to comment but comments were disabled. You see the blog post was written by someone didn't know anything about dyslexia or how to really help with reversals. I absolutely hate bad information getting out. 

Which reminds me I still haven't received that promised call about Emmy and the intervention from school. I am still standing firm saying I don't want her to have it. If she isn't receiving tutoring that is in line with her dyslexia, its a waste of time for everyone involved.

 I love that facebook asks me if I want to share memories from years ago. Apparently 2 years ago Westley (my male shih tzu) was trying to have sex with my male cat Tiger. If I am remembering the time correctly I was also unable to get up because I had fallen down the stairs at work and sprained my ankle. I still think it was broken. I wish I could find pics of it. That thing looked like a Fred Flintstone foot.

The girls and I are re watching Desperate Housewives. Please don't ask me why we liked it so much the first time.

It was so warm during Christmas, that the boys didn't wear their Christmas sweaters. Its starting to actually feel like winter so I put their sweaters on them today. I realized I got Westley an XL instead of a Large. I knew the Medium wouldn't fit because I tried his sweater from last year on and he looked like a stuffed sausage. Its only slightly too big and mostly just in the neck. I knew he was fat. I didn't realize just how much. It may be time for weight control dog food. A shih tzu really shouldn't weigh almost 30 pounds.

That's the best I could do because he is sleeping beside me. 

 Seeing all the new planners makes me want one. Except mine is still fine. I just bought it when school started.

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