2016 Predictions

Last week I shared how I did on my 2015 predictions. While I did ok, meeting most of those predictions. I want to do better for 2016. So I tried to set attainable goals.
In 2016 I really hope that I am able to:
  • Finally finish painting inside my house. I've only been working on this for a year and a half.
  • Tackle landscaping outside. I  haven't even touched the outside. Except put a privacy fence up separating me from the road. I need to finish the other 3 sides.
  • Visit Baltimore, Boston, and New Orleans. I get car sick and I hate leaving my babies so this may be a stretch.
  • Throw parties for a few people having big milestones. Abbey turns 16 no idea how that happened. Max has his 1 year gotcha anniversary. There is another milestone birthday, but we are pretending that one isn't happening. 
  • Advocate more for Dyslexia not just for awareness but for policy reform as well. I have to submit our Dyslexia story tomorrow, but Em has potential to have her story put on publicity materials that are handed out to policy makers, politicians, the new Education Commissioner, and school districts. I haven't told her yet, because I want to wait and see if she is chosen as a face of Dyslexia. 
Steph chose a word for the year to go along with her resolution and goals. I have been considering this since I listened to the podcast Elise Gets Crafty. Episode 79 is all about choosing a guiding word for the year. I am struggling with picking the right one. The last two years have been rough overall. 2015 was better than 2014 and I just want to make sure that 2016 is even better than that. The word growth comes to mind. Because it will involve stretching beyond my comfort zone and growing in ways I didn't think I could.

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