11 Things You Need For WInter Travel

Last Friday We got slammed with a ton of snow. I got about 13 inches. Other parts of the state saw 16 or more. About 3 thousand motorists were stranded on the interstate for over 18 hours.  There were a ton of accidents. It was so glad to be safe and warm inside my house, with plenty of food.
I drive a lot for work, so I always try to have a well stocked car just in case something happens and I get stranded. I'm sure I could have more, But here is a list of the very basics that I think you need for winter travel.

1. Non Clumping Kitty Litter- I keep a bag of the super cheap (less than a dollar litter) This is good for sticking under your tires. It helps give them traction.

2. A flash light- I got mine from Harbor Freight. It has a hanger on it so if you needed to see under your hood you can do it hands free.

3. Extra Gloves, socks, shoes- When one set gets wet you don't want to be stuck with in them all night.

4. Charger- I have an iphone which means I am charging my phone about 4 times a day.

5. Throw Blankets- These come in handy if you can't keep your car running because your conserving gas.

6. Water and snacks- I keep a few bottles of water and some small snacks

7. I almost always have my work bag in my car which has stuff I could be catching up on, or magazines for reading. Great for occupying you for hours. You could just throw a book or your Kindle in the car. Although don't leave electronics in your car, the cold temps could ruin them.

8. Small tool Kit- Mine really only consists of a knife and some screw drivers. I really need to be better about this.

9. First Aid Kit- I keep a variety of head ache meds, band aids, Allergy meds. This is a result of Emmy once getting too close to something that had been near a horse and she had a head to toe rash and her eyes swelled shut. So from now on Benadryl and Allegra stays with me, Dramamine. I get car sick. This is a necessity.

10. Car Care items like jumper cables and a spare tire, windshield scrapper.

11. Lighter- I really don't know why I have this. Once when I had a flat the guy who came to change my  tire asked me if I had one. So now I keep one.
 Things I should add but haven't yet

1. Small mini shovel
2. Flare
3. More variety of tools

The bright side is everything that I keep in my car can fit inside a 31 utility tote.
If you live in a cold weather climate. Is there anything you keep in your car that I have left out?

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