Meanwhile In Kentucky

This was never meant to be a reoccuring theme on my blog. But, looking around we have some crazy ass shit going on over here and I would hate to deprive you the humor.

So, last time I shared with you the woman who bit her husband because they were fighting over Hilary Duff. 

Today is a two part-er. First up Last week we had a big storm. Someone recorded their neighbor dressed as a T Rex shoveling the snow. You can watch the news clip here. 
I am lucky to get out of my PJ pants when I shovel my driveway. During this snow I waited three days before I even attempted it.

The second part is A school in Kentucky got a grant to buy pedal desks. So they kids can pedal when they are feeling fidgety.  I didn't pay any attention to the story until I saw a link to the Scary Mommy blog's post about how awful it was. Call me crazy but I have a pedal under my desk so I can move while having to sit.
Emmy made all state choir. So of course I had to make her a shirt. Because, I'm I obsessed with my heat press and she needed a shirt that told the other kids that she is better than them. Yeah. sorry not sorry I am THAT mom.

11 Things You Need For WInter Travel

Last Friday We got slammed with a ton of snow. I got about 13 inches. Other parts of the state saw 16 or more. About 3 thousand motorists were stranded on the interstate for over 18 hours.  There were a ton of accidents. It was so glad to be safe and warm inside my house, with plenty of food.
I drive a lot for work, so I always try to have a well stocked car just in case something happens and I get stranded. I'm sure I could have more, But here is a list of the very basics that I think you need for winter travel.

1. Non Clumping Kitty Litter- I keep a bag of the super cheap (less than a dollar litter) This is good for sticking under your tires. It helps give them traction.

2. A flash light- I got mine from Harbor Freight. It has a hanger on it so if you needed to see under your hood you can do it hands free.

3. Extra Gloves, socks, shoes- When one set gets wet you don't want to be stuck with in them all night.

4. Charger- I have an iphone which means I am charging my phone about 4 times a day.

5. Throw Blankets- These come in handy if you can't keep your car running because your conserving gas.

6. Water and snacks- I keep a few bottles of water and some small snacks

7. I almost always have my work bag in my car which has stuff I could be catching up on, or magazines for reading. Great for occupying you for hours. You could just throw a book or your Kindle in the car. Although don't leave electronics in your car, the cold temps could ruin them.

8. Small tool Kit- Mine really only consists of a knife and some screw drivers. I really need to be better about this.

9. First Aid Kit- I keep a variety of head ache meds, band aids, Allergy meds. This is a result of Emmy once getting too close to something that had been near a horse and she had a head to toe rash and her eyes swelled shut. So from now on Benadryl and Allegra stays with me, Dramamine. I get car sick. This is a necessity.

10. Car Care items like jumper cables and a spare tire, windshield scrapper.

11. Lighter- I really don't know why I have this. Once when I had a flat the guy who came to change my  tire asked me if I had one. So now I keep one.
 Things I should add but haven't yet

1. Small mini shovel
2. Flare
3. More variety of tools

The bright side is everything that I keep in my car can fit inside a 31 utility tote.
If you live in a cold weather climate. Is there anything you keep in your car that I have left out?

How to make a milk sandwich

Kentucky, or at least my area of the state is having its first major storm of the season. We're expecting to get between 8-18 inches. 

Which means everyone made a run to the store for milk and bread. Does this happen in other states too, or just Kentucky? I use to laugh. What do you exactly downing only milk and bread? Make a milk sandwich to be exact. 
I'm here to guide you through making the best milk sandwich. The bread can be toasted but only just lightly so you don't lose the white. Cover completely with milk and serve with mashed potatoes or mozzarella string cheese. The goal is to have a completely white plate. Which means don't waste your time on the whole wheat bread. 
It's simple and delicious (ok no it's not) which is why I bought real food. 


My Winter To-Do List

Friday when I was working I told someone I'd email them something when I got back to my office on Monday. They reminded me that it was a holiday. I have no idea how I forgot about a 3 day weekend.

So, Kentucky is finally experiencing winter. I am not really happy about it. Mostly because I kept putting off the winterizing things that needed to be done.

Last year my water froze and my pipes burst. The insulation got wet and fell, and kinda dissolved. It was the end of winter so I didn't really feel like going back under the house to fix it. Then summer came and I was afraid to go under because who knows what may be there (terrified of snakes). Fall I was busy and then the first part of winter was nice and I pretty much forgot about it.

Friday, I came home and it was bitter cold, I remembered the list of things left to do.

I needed to seal the door that goes to my crawl space. It had some gaps around it. So in the cold with flurries flying I filled the gaps with a pool noodle.

With the threat of single digit temps I finally went under the house to wrap my pipes with insulation. Why is it those tubes never go as far as you think they will. I imagined it would be enough to do the whole house. I was wrong by more than half.

I still need to go under the house and replace the fallen insulation, and then I noticed the insulation in the area of Abbey's room has fallen. So that's on my agenda for after work today. 

This is definitely the downside of being a homeowner.


What would you do if you won the lottery

You may have heard that the lottery is over a million dollars. I never buy a ticket until it gets crazy high. I can't help but start to daydream on what I would do if I suddenly had that kind of money.

One of my life goals is to start a rescue for Shih Tzu's and other small breed dogs. I actually really want to do this even if I don't win the lottery.

But if I win the lottery My favorite rescues will get money and I will finally be able to open mine. I had a little interview with my new supervisor a couple of months ago and she asked what I see myself doing in the future and I told her about my plan to start a rescue after I retire. She asked why not now. I don't want to rely on the money my rescue gets for my upkeep. I want it all to go to the animals. So, I have to wait until I am retired.

All of my animals were rescued. All of them have a story some absolutely heart breaking. Most of the cats were just dumped somewhere. Left to starve. Two had respiratory infections when I found them. Westley was living in a camper trailer, and Max was in the shelter after being pulled from an animal hoarder that had 42 other dogs. It kills my soul to see animals hurting. 

Of course the completely practical pay my house, car, and student loans off, pay for kids to go to any college they want blah blah blah. 

Open a magnet school that teaches using an Orton Gillingham method so Dyslexic students don't get lost in the cracks. Nothing makes me more enraged than schools going out of the way to skirt the requirements to recognize that it is real, then offer screening and appropriate education. I use to keep a copy of the bill with me so when I was told they were doing what was required I could pull it out and show them that they weren't.

So what would you do with all that money?


You Heard It Here First

I like to think of this little space as a place people can come to to gather all the news of the craziness that is possible in Kentucky. If you remember you heard about Kim Davis and her hatred for my child gay people. You also heard about Chris Stapleton (ok so that wasn't crazy, he's freakin' talented.) You also heard about the town that  stole Christmas, or at least all the joy in a Christmas play.

Today I want to continue delivering the news you want to hear. So you can feel happy that your state isn't this insane.

Now I completely failed to tell you about the Black Friday brawl that took place in a mall. I skipped that because, Who doesn't get into fights on Black Friday.

This story though, its just too good to keep to myself. If you read TMZ you may have already heard it though.

A couple got into a fight, and the wife bit her husband. I know, your thinking that sounds like domestic violence and not really national news worthy. How about if I tell you that the fight was over Hillary Duff? Oh yeas people they were fighting over a commercial, he leaned in to kiss her and she bit him on the face. This made TMZ. Because it was obviously a slow celebrity news week. I can't believe Kanye didn't punch anyone, or Angelina Jolie didn't adopt a baby.

Now, before you think everyone in Kentucky is crazy. There are some awesome Kentucky bloggers that are totally sane. So if you are losing hope in all humanity in the Bluegrass State you can check out Kristin, Brittany, Tif, and Heather. Although, I'm not sure Heather counts because she is normal but she blogs about the crazy things her neighbors do.

2016 Predictions

Last week I shared how I did on my 2015 predictions. While I did ok, meeting most of those predictions. I want to do better for 2016. So I tried to set attainable goals.
In 2016 I really hope that I am able to:
  • Finally finish painting inside my house. I've only been working on this for a year and a half.
  • Tackle landscaping outside. I  haven't even touched the outside. Except put a privacy fence up separating me from the road. I need to finish the other 3 sides.
  • Visit Baltimore, Boston, and New Orleans. I get car sick and I hate leaving my babies so this may be a stretch.
  • Throw parties for a few people having big milestones. Abbey turns 16 no idea how that happened. Max has his 1 year gotcha anniversary. There is another milestone birthday, but we are pretending that one isn't happening. 
  • Advocate more for Dyslexia not just for awareness but for policy reform as well. I have to submit our Dyslexia story tomorrow, but Em has potential to have her story put on publicity materials that are handed out to policy makers, politicians, the new Education Commissioner, and school districts. I haven't told her yet, because I want to wait and see if she is chosen as a face of Dyslexia. 
Steph chose a word for the year to go along with her resolution and goals. I have been considering this since I listened to the podcast Elise Gets Crafty. Episode 79 is all about choosing a guiding word for the year. I am struggling with picking the right one. The last two years have been rough overall. 2015 was better than 2014 and I just want to make sure that 2016 is even better than that. The word growth comes to mind. Because it will involve stretching beyond my comfort zone and growing in ways I didn't think I could.


Confessions Wednesday

A blog post popped up in my reader about ways to teach letter reversals in dyslexics. I really wanted to comment but comments were disabled. You see the blog post was written by someone didn't know anything about dyslexia or how to really help with reversals. I absolutely hate bad information getting out. 

Which reminds me I still haven't received that promised call about Emmy and the intervention from school. I am still standing firm saying I don't want her to have it. If she isn't receiving tutoring that is in line with her dyslexia, its a waste of time for everyone involved.

 I love that facebook asks me if I want to share memories from years ago. Apparently 2 years ago Westley (my male shih tzu) was trying to have sex with my male cat Tiger. If I am remembering the time correctly I was also unable to get up because I had fallen down the stairs at work and sprained my ankle. I still think it was broken. I wish I could find pics of it. That thing looked like a Fred Flintstone foot.

The girls and I are re watching Desperate Housewives. Please don't ask me why we liked it so much the first time.

It was so warm during Christmas, that the boys didn't wear their Christmas sweaters. Its starting to actually feel like winter so I put their sweaters on them today. I realized I got Westley an XL instead of a Large. I knew the Medium wouldn't fit because I tried his sweater from last year on and he looked like a stuffed sausage. Its only slightly too big and mostly just in the neck. I knew he was fat. I didn't realize just how much. It may be time for weight control dog food. A shih tzu really shouldn't weigh almost 30 pounds.

That's the best I could do because he is sleeping beside me. 

 Seeing all the new planners makes me want one. Except mine is still fine. I just bought it when school started.


What I've been up to this year

You would think after taking an almost 2 week blogging (and work) break that I'd come back refreshed and full of ideas, but for some reason I am having a weird writers block. So lets just talk about what I've been up to.

My sister started a blog. I have been harassing her to start one, for ages. Its mainly stories about her neighbors. You won't be disappointed they are some crazy people. So stop by and say Hi. Tell her I sent  ya, and possibly follow her on Bloglovin. Its called Chronicles of White Trash Rednecks. I mean doesn't that just MAKE you want to read it.

I finally made that jar for all the positive things that happen throughout the year. So far it only has one thing in it. Em had to write that she got to spend the day in her jammies watching t v. Since that is what she did every day during the break, I'm not sure how that was so special.

I also made this pallet picture. Its actually not really a pallet. Its just strips of wood that I screwed together, stained and then cut the pic into strips and glued them on the wood. I've been so lazy this fox was one Abbey got for Christmas. She stuck it on the mantle to get it out of the way, and its still there.

I put together a book shelf and set it up as a little craft station. I still have the bulk of my stuff in a separate room, but this is the stuff that needed to be near the computer. I also made that sign that says "I just want to make beautiful things"

I started to watch Netflix's Making a Murderer and no clue why, because I couldn't get into it. I am going to try again, because everyone say's its good. Have you seen it? Do you think its good?

I've been thinking about my predictions for 2016. I'm hoping I have them finalized later this week.

I am also waiting on a call from Emmy's school today. Looks like I am back to having to advocate for her best interests. Why is it whenever I think we are doing well, shit happens? In case you are wondering. Her report card is fine, They are wanting to pull her out of choir to do "intervention" because she did poorly on the math portion of a standardized test. People, if I have said once I have said it a million time. A standardized test is NOT going to tell me what she knows. I'll keep you posted of course.
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