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I do a lot of driving and when I'm not on the road, I am in an office by myself. That can get lonely FAST. So to combat the quiet I have been listening to podcasts. Some are funny, some are inspiring and some are creepy and follow crimes.

This is what I am listening to right now.

Serial Season 2:
In case you missed season 1 serial is a story that is told week by week. Season 2 is the story of Bowe Berghdal. The soldier that walked off gis post into enemy territory.

This is a follow up podcast to Serial Season 1. Its three lawyers dissecting the evidence of the case against Adnan

Truth & Justice:
This looks at that case from another angle. The host is a fire investigator and uses his knowledge of investigation on the case.

From Scratch:
Each episode is a look into the life of someone in the field of business, arts, or social that have been :
pioneers in their field.

Missing Maura Murray:
I stumbled upon this podcast. Its about a missing college student. T here is basically no evidence in her disappearance.  I really don't know why I listened to it.

Clearing The Clutter:
This is about tips on organization and clearing clutter in your home, work, life and mind.

If I Were You:
This is a hysterical advice podcast from two friends. Sometimes I don't know if the advice is real or made up but either way, its funny.

So if you find yourself on a long car ride this Holiday Season or just have some time on your hands. I recommenced all of these podcasts.

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