My Christmas Decorations

My Christmas tree situation has been ongoing since Thanksgiving. I put my tree up that night. As I have done every year since birth. I didn't even have ornaments on the tree yet when the cats decided that was a great place to play. It lasted about 20 minutes before I got tired and just took the tree down. It was my dream tree. 9 foot pre lit super full. I just never had a house that could hold it. Last year it blocked the walk way to the hallway. The year before that I could only have the front half folded down. So when the cats started to play in it. I threw in the towel and took the tree goodwill.
I looked high and low for a pencil tree that I liked (and that the girls liked too) We've found nothing we can agree on. I thought I'd be ok without one but as I wrap presents there is no place to put them that seems right. After thinking about it I came up with this idea. Its two sparkly garlands, and green felt. Its attached to the wall with clear push pins. Which I don't recommend if you have small kiddies at home. The ornaments are mirrored music notes and are hanging from the pushpins and I chose to use ones I don't care about, because if the cats knock them off and they get broken I haven't lost anything.
I am loving my mantle this year. Its actually the reason I bought this house. As soon as I saw it, I imagined it decorated for Christmas.
Its a glitter explosion and I love it. I kinda want to leave it like this until Spring. In case you are wondering about the stockings. The dogs all get a green one and the cats all get a green one and then Hannah (Abbey's girlfriend) gets her own stocking as well.

I made these cones, I took pre made cones from Hobby Lobby (next year I want to make my own cones too) I wrapped them with the super cheap garland. I think it was dollar tree garland. Its thin and easy to wrap. The other garland is silver again its the super cheap one.
This is mason jars with while batting shoved in the bottom. The decorations are floral picks. I picked them up at various stores. Mostly Hobby Lobby and Wal Mart. Its all really glittery.

Lastly, I want to leave you with a tip. I wanted my house to look ready for Christmas and not just  like I threw some things together. I did this by wrapping all my pictures with wrapping  paper and adding a glittery bow. It makes your everyday house look like a Santa Workshop. I got the bows to stick by hot gluing them onto the wrapping paper. I chose wrapping paper that matched the colors of the room so it felt like it was suppose to be there.

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