Do I Need a Christmas Tree

a few years ago I bought my dream tree. An extremely full 9 foot prelit tree. It was gorgeous and I got it after Christmas for only 20 dollars. I didn't think a bout the fact that at the time I was living with my boyfriend in his house that didn't have 9 foot ceilings. We moved soon after that Christmas. That's its own sad blog posts.

Last year I put the tree up at my new house. It was everything I thought it would be, except I have exactly 9 foot ceilings. and not enough space for a  tree that full.

This year. I put my dream tree up and within a couple of minutes I had a cat in it. A few minutes later I had two cats fighting in it.

So the tree came down. I still can't decide what to do. I have two small trees sitting on the hearth but I want a Christmas tree that doesn't resemble a shrub.
So I'm trying to decide what I want. A pencil tree would fit beside the fire place really well, but I do still like the look of a  fuller tree. Maybe just not as full as the 9 footer. The cats will probably want to play in it no matter what size I get. The girls are torn. Abbey thinks the mini trees are fine. Emmy wants a white one. I can't decide, what would you do?

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