7 Things I Want For Christmas

Well its that time of year again. The time when people keep asking you if your ready for Christmas, and what do you want for Christmas.  I never know what to ask for, because as an adult with a job, I just buy myself what I want. I know that doesn't give much room for surprises from other people, but I'm sure I'll love whatever I'm given. Unless its the cousin of the bright orange jungle print MC Hammer style pants my uncles wife bought me one year. For the record I always hated her and the pants proved to me that she hated me in return. Anyway, when I saw 23 things my boyfriend better not get me for Christmas I couldn't help but click the link and see if I could get some ideas. Spoiler alert. She is a spoiled brat. Things like he better not her a gift card, fake earrings, an engagement ring INSTEAD of an actual present, nothing handmade, the list goes on. I'll let you read it for yourself. But it got me thinking. Am I just old? Because I loved gift cards. That way I can pick out exactly what I want. I have been making shirts the last couple of weeks so lots of people on my Christmas list are getting shirts. Here is what a couple of the shirts I've made look like.

Sorry you have to turn your head on this one. They were on my phone.
So sad for people on my list that are getting something handmade and something that is clothing. Although I think they are a million times better than the jungle  pants.

So in case you were wondering. This is what I want for Christmas.

1. HTV Vinyl so I can make more shirts. This has become  my newest obsession and I am LOVING it. I work on shirts almost every evening after work.

2. Adopt a shelter animal. It doesn't matter if its a cat or a dog, just adopt and then let me know you did. I don't have room for any new additions, but I still want to save them all.

3. Donate to an animal rescue organization in my name. Or sign up for Amazon Smile and link it to a rescue. Mine is linked to Bluegrass Shih Tzu Rescue. They get a portion of everything I spend on Amazon and at no additional cost to me.

4. A silicone computer keyboard. Do you have any idea how much cat hair...and glitter my keyboard has inside it.

5. Blank shirts for me to create with.

6. To have my craft stuff completely sorted and organized. If this doesn't magically happen come Christmas morning its going to have to go on my new years resolution to do list.

7. Dr. Pepper can you ever have too much of it

Well that is it. I am pretty easy to please. What's on your Christmas list this year?

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