2015 Predictions Revisted

Last year instead of making resolutions I made predictions. You can read about it here. I thought since the year is winding down I would see how well I did. I'm actually proud of myself. I didn't succeed at them all, but good enough.

Cross 20 items off my 101 list. Oh this poor list. I forget it about it most of the time. Even with that, I managed to cross off 11 things.

Finally get all the rooms in my house painted. I hate painting and I am so slow at it. But I can't resist how a room looks with a fresh coat of paint. I did the living room, hallway and the bathroom. I did the Kitchen too but that was at the end of 2014. I still have all the bedrooms to finish. Emmy's room is suppose to be next.

Finally setting up a domain. Yay I did mange to do this.WhooHoo

Fully commit to Swag Bucks. I tried I really did. I just couldn't seem to remember to watch the videos and after doing several pre surveys to be told i didn't qualify I got discouraged and gave up. I did discover a couple other ways to save money this year and I will share with you in 2016.

Celebration Jar. Lord help me the easiest freakin' thing on this list and I still haven't done it. You can bet I'll be adding this to the 2016 predictions.

Did you have predictions/resolutions for 2015? How did you do at keeping them?

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