How To Make a Cat Warmer Out of Things Around Your House

Over the weekend Steph sent me a pin of a cat warmer. I had to laugh because I had already make one and just hadn't posted it on the blog yet. This evening someone that belongs to the same animal rescue organization that I belong to  posted the pin on facebook asked if anyone could make him one. I took that as an omen to just sit down and write the post up. After I sent him a message telling him I'd make him one. So for those of you that don't live in Kentucky, or aren't handy with a heavy machinery like a knife here is how I made it.

This is a lot easier to make than it looks, and I really did use things around my house so it really didn't cost anything.


2 totes different sizes
Something to insulate the totes.
Blow Dryer
Total time: Less than 30 minutes

I started with an old tote and an old plastic file box...notice the glitter in the tote. Seriously cat hair and glitter is my life.
Cut a hole any size you want out of the larger tote. Then stick the smaller container inside the big one, draw the opening you cut so they will match up. 
Warning the second container had stronger plastic. I heated it up with the blow dryer and that helped the knife go through it.  Please don't judge my drawing

Now its going to look like this. Don't be alarmed we are going to fix it so the cats won't be scratched entering and exiting.
Now pushing the containers as close together as possible wrapped the two containers together using tape. I used Zebra print Duct tape because that's what I had.

Next, stick whatever you are using as insulation between the two boxes on the sides and back. I had two throw pillows that are ugly and flat so they went on the sides and some left over fabric from my fabric hoarding days went in the back. I covered the top with a small fleece blanket.  The cats approved so far,
 Lastly I added the lid and sat back and waited for a cat to go inside. It didn't take long.

Now if the cats will leave it alone long enough for me to sit it outside it will be the perfect place for the neighborhood strays to warm up without me having to adopt any more cats.

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