How I Know I'm a Good Mom

I'll be the first to admit I don't have this adult thing down yet. When I am not working I dress more like my children than women my age. I own way more pink than anyone should. My front door is pink, my bathroom is purple and sparkly. I don't plan menus full of organic food. But I don't think this defines me as a failure. This was suppose to be banana bread. If anything it defines me as a terrible cook.

 I am president of the PTO. I have been for several years, I had been  room mom and planned all the class parties. For both girls for most of elementary school. I take my children to school every day and attend all of their sporting events and school activities. This doesn't make me a great mom.

I sometimes drop them off late for school. I also tend to forget permission slips and field trips for weeks at a time. Don't even ask me about fundraisers because I hate begging my friends to buy the junk that is being sold. There are very few exceptions. I will happily donate cash instead though.This doesn't make me a bad mom, it makes me busy.

For Emmy's Birthday she  had a huge sleepover with 9 girls from her class. Abbey had a friend over too and they helped me. One little girl said I was a good mom because I didn't mind if they ran around screaming. I also served make your own ice cream sundaes with a variety of toppings, and at one point we broke out paint and designed shirts. I would be lying if I said we didn't have paint everywhere. Yes it was fun, but it didn't make me a good mom. Neither does the fact that my girls are both on the honor roll and are kind and considerate kids. Nope none of that makes me a good mom. Especially since getting Abbey to go to school is like pulling teeth. She absolutely hates it. I have a chalk board door and my hutch is painted with chalk board paint. My girls have decorated it for me. Emmy's friends were in shock. One of them said her mom wouldn't be able to stand that.

I do  think their taste in music is pretty awesome though. When you turn the radio on no matter the station, Country, Rock, Pop, oldies.....they can sing a long to all the songs. They have an appreciation for all forms of music and know the words to the majority of the songs. That just makes my life better. I don't have to listen to hideous stuff.

Something happened awhile back that, that melted my heart and made me realize even when I'm the hardest on myself I am doing a good job. 

My sister posted an article about teen girls agreeing to have rough sex with boys and the causes. Someone commented basically saying its the fault of single moms.  Abbey unleashed on him, in a way that was way more mature than he was. She didn't even mention the exchange to me. Its like it was no big deal to her. I saw it and gave her a big hug. I'm glad that I raised my girls to be stronger than I feel.

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