Five on Friday

Is it just me or are the weeks getting longer? I swear I feel like last weekend was a month ago. But here it is Friday. Time for my list of top things from the week.

I spent all day yesterday laying in bed. Except for the hour and a half I waited at the walk in clinic, before I gave up and left. Sometimes you just feel too cruddy to wait to be seen by a doctor. How can we bring back house calls?

That being said I mentioned on facebook that being an adult and sick sucks because you have to fix your own chicken noodle soup and 7 up. After I posted it I got a text from someone asking me if I needed anything. That was so sweet.

Remember back on Wednesday when I mentioned that a really nice guy stopped to tell me my house was sparking? Well I am still stunned that someone was thoughtful enough to actually stop and tell me what was happening, and that he stayed with me until the fire department came. Then the fire department was so awesome and waited until KU came. I am so grateful for their help. But I am sad that a family that was former neighbors of mine lost their house to a fire that same night. They are such a sweet family and I'm so sad for their loss. Their kids are the same ages as my girls. The schools are taking up donations for them, so we are sending money.

That reminds me the cat that appeared when the lights came back on is still here. Abbey calls her Phantom. Emmy calls her poof. She has had some tummy troubles today, I'm assuming its because she isn't use to the food. But she needs a visit to the vet anyway just to check her out and make sure shes healthy.

I'm so freakin excited about the Ronda Rousey fight on Saturday. I am not getting the pay per view because within 30 minutes of the fight being over which wont even last a minute It will be on every media outlet. So I am just going to wait to watch the replays.

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