Five on Friday

Holy crap the weather in Kentucky has been amazing. I haven't the air on all week. Emmy and I have had short sleeves on with no jackets. The leaves are gorgeous, everywhere but my yard because they've all fallen off my trees and are lounging in my gutters just waiting for me to climb up and rescue them.

I mentioned it yesterday but Chris Stapleton represented Kentucky and my hometown well. I'm still amazed at how awesome he did. I was reminded by friends last night that he was valedictorian and best dressed out of the senior class instead of most talented. Don't fret the guy who won most talented works for the center for traditional music and is still insanely talented.

So my 91b Shig Tzu Max (not to be confused with my 21 lb shih tzu...yeah Wes is fat) Wanted to go outside to pee. After several minutes I heard him barking like crazy. He never barks. I opened the door to check on him and he was fussing at a baby deer that wandered into the yard to say hi. This is the dog that is terrified of all dogs except Wes. He usually hides from everything.

I don't decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving night, but I do start shopping early. I like to be mostly finished by Thanksgiving. I just can't stand the crowds. If I could avoid all stores in December I would. I am almost finished with Abbey's presents. Emmy is getting her room decorated and I have to finalize plans for that.

This is the first weekend in 2 months that I don't have plans. I am so excited to be a hermit all weekend.

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