Favorite things from the weekend

I had one of those weekends where no matter how much I rack my brain I can't come up with a decent post. But I did see a bunch of things I want to share with everyone. Like some of my favorite Halloween Costumes.
Someone dressed like my daughter Abbey
. Someone dressed like Donald Trump. He even had campaign buttons. It was funny.
Emmy totally rocked Wednesday Addams. She even posed with my Cousin IT

Remember when I told you our Dyslexia group met with the mayor while he signed a proclamation saying it was Dyslexia Awareness Month? Well it finally ran in the newspaper. I can't help but find it hysterical the fact checking at our paper. Even though the guy recorded us saying our names. Emmy became Abbey (who wasn't even there) and I am now Holy instead of Holly. Yeah good job, totally worth the 50% increase in the cost of a paper.
While trick or treating I ran into a small convenience store and right at the check out was this. So if you get high and need some munchies you can meet all your needs at this store.
I went to a store something like FYE. While there some guy maybe in his 20's asked me if I would pay 30 for a backpack. I took one look at the bag and told him not for a Patriots bag. 

I didn't try this water, but with a name like Climax I don't know how I resisted. 
The day after Halloween turned instantly into Christmas. I guess Thanksgiving isn't happening this year. 

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