Confessions Wednesday

As I type this its election night. We have a new governor and as you can imagine facebook has gone wild. I love how everything is gloom and doom. Like literally, I've seen posts like well goodbye pension, Goodbye Obamacare (here its called Kynect). He will destroy public education. Which I think has done a great job of destroying itself. It would be funny if you didn't almost feel the desperation and sorrow in their words.  I really dread the presidential election.

It angers me though when people say things like "What the F@#$ Kentucky?! Of course some f#@#@% christian loving missionary f#@$%!@% a@@ who loves guns goes against....." On a side note they wrote the words out and didn't sensor them.

I have a gun. I love my gun. I know that if someone breaks into my house I don't have to worry about the safety of me or my girls. I know how to use my gun, and my girls know gun safety. My owning a gun does not mean I am stupid, uneducated, inbred, homophobic or any other negative description that people want to place on it. It simply means I do not wish to have an intruder harm my family and I am smart enough to know that even though the police station is less than a mile away that their response time may be too long. It means I know that criminals don't follow the laws and don't care if they aren't suppose to own a gun, or conceal carry. It means I sleep peacefully at night knowing it is beside my bed ready to be used at a moments notice.

That is all I have to say about the election. It was basically choosing the lesser of two evils. 

After spending 3 hours trying to get my new printer to work I gave up on installing the drivers on my desk top and installed it on my laptop. It prints really faint and weird looking. I am ready to throw it outside. Why can't I have the work IT people follow me home to help me with technology issues?

Speaking of work. I worked Monday, then took Tuesday off. All day Tuesday it felt like Sunday. Now I dread having a second Monday. On a positive note only 3 more days until the weekend.

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