A visit from the fire department and a surprise

So yesterday Facebook showed me a memory from 5 years ago. It was something like you know you've had a rough day when.... Well yesterday completely topped anything that may have happened 5 years ago. 

It was just a hard day in general, like I fought back tears of frustration and yes even sadness a few times. I had to wait almost an hour to give Abbey her dinner. She was at MSU choral festival. It's when area high school kids from around the state get selected to work with a guest conductor and then put on a concert.  Her group was going to fazoli's except she hates most pasta so I brought her something she'd eat. I was very tired and starving. 

When I got home and started cooking My lights started going crazy like I thought my house was possessed. They were flicking off and on. The tv went off. The hall light blew. It still hasn't worked even when I changed the bulb. Then I got a knock on the door....yeah perfect horror movie set up. 

I was terrified when I answered the door. The man on the other side said "hey you don't know me, but I just called 911 for you" I swear I nearly started screaming. 
But it turns out he was a nice guy driving by and saw sparks on top of my house. Thankfully I live right off the busiest road In town. So it was easy to spot. 

I called 911 back and gave them my address because he didn't know what it was he just told them I was beside Pizza Hut. Which is kinda true but there is papa johns, pen station and a few more businesses between us.  The nicest firemen came out. They came in and checked everything and looked around the house and called my electric company for me. Then they stayed with me. When I told them Abbey had a concert in less than an hour they offered to stay and keep an eye on everything for me so I didn't have to miss the concert.  

When I got home from the concert my electric company had fixed the problem. I came in and flipped the breaker back on. Somehow in the mix I also ended up with an extra cat. I'm not even joking when the lights came back on there was a new cat sitting on my table. No idea how she got in. When I left for the concert my door was locked. When the firemen came in I was with them. So I guess she's mine unless he owner knocks in the door. What do you name a cat that just appears inside your house? 
I'm typing this post on my phone so I apologize for any typos and layout weirdness. 

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