5 Things I learned From My First Job

I guess there is something about your kids finding out you went to school with someone famous to make your high school year book a hot property for the weekend.

Which got me thinking about the past. Not the past the kids wanted to talk about though. Emmy kept taking pics of Chris to send to her friends (sorry about that Chris) Then she decided to read what people wrote in my book. I got about 40 questions along the lines of Who is Casey? How do you know Casey? Did dad know about Casey? Oh how to explain high school love to a preteen.

Anyway, it got me thinking about my first job. Well, actually it was my second job. My first job only lasted a month and I cried every day when I got home from work. The second job also only lasted a month but it taught me so much.

1. College students as managers is probably not the best leadership idea. 
My manager was a friend of my at the time, and very douchey boyfriend.  I never knew when he was joking with me and when he was serious. One night he told me to count the pickles left on the bar (so they could reuse them) I thought he was joking because why does anyone need to know the exact count of pickle that have been sitting out all day? I told him to count his own damn pickles. He wasn't kidding.

2.  Bad equipment is still somehow my fault. 
The register was a piece of shit. If you ordered a small fry I had to press shift and hot dog. Guess what I did 99.9% of the time? Forgot to press shift! I think I gave away more hot dogs that month than was ever ordered. I never actually saw anyone ordering a hot dog. So why did they make a small fry so hard to  order? That was one of the most ordered items. I'm not even going to talk about the speakers that made it sound like every car needed a new muffler.

3. Customers can sometime be your biggest supporters.
I had a group of old men that came in every morning for coffee together. Sometimes they would leave me a tip which allowed me to buy Dr. Pepper and Little Debbie Brownies.

4. But sometimes customers are assholes.
Every night that I closed a man would come in about 10 minutes before closing. Then complain to me about how slow the cooks were. We hadn't had any customers in so long they were always mid cleaning. Then he would sit in the dining room and take his time eating. This was annoying but I always smiled and remained polite. Until one night he timed everyone so he could bitch about the length of time, he told me it should only take a minute to receive his food. I lost it and went off on him. I told him we were not the only burger place in town and that he was more than welcome to go try one of them. Yes, I got called into the managers office. The manager that was my douchey boyfriends friend. I told him maybe we'd be faster if he was actually out on the floor helping us instead of hiding in his office.  Did you guess that this was the night I quit?

5. Co-Workers can be weird.
I worked with a girl that had a mullet. I tried to avoid her, but she insisted on telling me that her boyfriend was with her because she was awesome in bed. Sorry mullet girl  but I really had trouble believing that.

Do  you have any job horror stories?

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