Stupid Mistake or Animal Cruelty

Have you heard about the Florida woman who tapped her chocolate labs muzzle shut because it wouldn't shut up? My facebook blew up Saturday with people sharing it and demanding she be investigated. I think at one time South Daytona Florida officials were saying they had received about 32,000  calls people demanding something be done.

I am so happy to see that South Daytona took the calls and emails seriously and tracked her down. It would have been so easy for them to blow it off. There seems to be two camps to this story. Camp 1 is She is a dog abuser that needs the max sentence a animal abuser can get.  The second camp is the the other pics on her fb page the dog looks happy and healthy and she probably just made a really stupid mistake and shouldn't have shared it to the world.

I bet you can guess where I fall.

There is absolutely NOTHING that pisses me off more than people treating their animals badly. Look at the poor babies eyes. The hurt is so evident it makes angry. You may remember that I adopted Max from a shelter and he came from a pet hoarder situation. Today he is very well adjusted. He loves the other animals and doesn't run into another room with his food so he can eat alone. He's a totally sweet heart. His blind eye rarely gives him trouble. I don't know what exactly happened in his past home, but I know he had some emotional and obviously physical issues when I got him.

Dogs love us and trust us completely. We need to do the same in return. I have always said no one has ever loved me like my dogs love me. They are always happy to see me when I come home. They are always up for snuggling with me, or going for a walk AKA me carrying them around the neighborhood. They never get sassy. They are lazy and sometimes bark for no reason, and love to play revolving door going out and back in 200 times, but the joy they give me is worth all of that.

Whats your thought, stupid mistake or abuse?

How To Make a Cat Warmer Out of Things Around Your House

Over the weekend Steph sent me a pin of a cat warmer. I had to laugh because I had already make one and just hadn't posted it on the blog yet. This evening someone that belongs to the same animal rescue organization that I belong to  posted the pin on facebook asked if anyone could make him one. I took that as an omen to just sit down and write the post up. After I sent him a message telling him I'd make him one. So for those of you that don't live in Kentucky, or aren't handy with a heavy machinery like a knife here is how I made it.

This is a lot easier to make than it looks, and I really did use things around my house so it really didn't cost anything.


2 totes different sizes
Something to insulate the totes.
Blow Dryer
Total time: Less than 30 minutes

I started with an old tote and an old plastic file box...notice the glitter in the tote. Seriously cat hair and glitter is my life.
Cut a hole any size you want out of the larger tote. Then stick the smaller container inside the big one, draw the opening you cut so they will match up. 
Warning the second container had stronger plastic. I heated it up with the blow dryer and that helped the knife go through it.  Please don't judge my drawing

Now its going to look like this. Don't be alarmed we are going to fix it so the cats won't be scratched entering and exiting.
Now pushing the containers as close together as possible wrapped the two containers together using tape. I used Zebra print Duct tape because that's what I had.

Next, stick whatever you are using as insulation between the two boxes on the sides and back. I had two throw pillows that are ugly and flat so they went on the sides and some left over fabric from my fabric hoarding days went in the back. I covered the top with a small fleece blanket.  The cats approved so far,
 Lastly I added the lid and sat back and waited for a cat to go inside. It didn't take long.

Now if the cats will leave it alone long enough for me to sit it outside it will be the perfect place for the neighborhood strays to warm up without me having to adopt any more cats.

Things I'd Rather Do Than Black Friday Shop

Happy Monday or as I like to call it my Thursday. Remind me next year to take the entire week of Thanksgiving off. Because it may be my Thursday but my two work days are jammed packed.

I am usually 99% done with my Christmas shopping by this time, I'm a little behind this year. I'm also making several gifts so that's part of the slow progress. Especially when the cats keep trying to eat the ribbon.

Even though I'm behind I'm not tempted to black Friday shop. I have 3 main reasons. I hate getting up early. Crowds of people make me homicidal, and standing in lines annoys the crap out of me. Plain and simple I have no patience for such things.

Oh yeah of course I'd rather be curled up under my heated throw than deal with the black Friday mess but I'd also rather do the following.

Have a root canal
I have never had a root canal, but I hear they are terrible.

Watch a Glee marathon
 Could anything be worse than the cheesy songs and the borderline pornographic club names (oral intensity anyone?)

Spend the day hanging with Kim Davis
I'm sure she and I would have a lot to talk about.

Only be able to listen to Justin Bieber for a year
This goes along with Glee. It makes my ears hurt and makes me want to poke my ear drums out, but I'd still rather do that than go black Friday shopping.

Online shopping seems appealing to me. Maybe I will order the rest of my presents while wearing PJ's and drinking hot chocolate.


Wednesday Confessions

Have you seen the videos of cat leaping in the air to get away from cucumbers? If not google it. There are too many videos to post. My cats didn't care, my friends cats didn't care. I don't know how true it is but I heard that cucumber smells like copper heads to cats so indoor only cats wouldn't make that connection. Which explains why my cats just looked at me like I was crazier than normal.

While I'm not surprised about Charlie sheen I am really sorry for him. While I sometimes wish I had celebrity money I wouldn't want the yes people that go along with it. I really feel like he had some not so positive influences telling him his out of control lifestyle was the way to go.

I found this drinking game and will be giving it a try. I have a feeling this will be the worst wrapped presents every. 


Things Just Don't Make Sense

This post actually started forming in my head early last week. Emmy was reading the book Holes for her class. She started crying because in the book Stanley has a rough life. He's really poor, he's bullied, and then he gets falsely accused of theft and has to do time in a boys work camp. We've seen the movie several times. This is the first time she's read the book. (side note: It annoys me that they have the whole class read books that are sad. A couple of years ago her class all read a book where the kid dies) Anyway, I explained that Stanley has to have all those bad things happen to him because it sets the book up for the happy ending. That sometimes things just happen for a reason.

I justified my saying that citing instances in my life when things worked out. If I had married my college sweet heart I wouldn't have my girls, and not having them kills my soul. Several times something has kept me from leaving somewhere when I normally would, then I come upon an accident that could have been me. I looked at several house having them fall through, then I found my house and loved it at first sight.

Then I think about the attacks in Paris, all the planes that have been blown out of the sky. The 7 year old found murdered and dumped in a ditch.  I think about the look on Emmy's face when we visit the grave of her best friend so she can tell her Happy Birthday and take her a gift.

I can't reconcile those things with having a reason. There isn't one. No one should be gunned down while going about their day. People shouldn't have to live in fear and there is no lesson or reason good enough to justify a child dying.

I know things don't always work out. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and there is no reason why.

So how do you explain to a crying kid who wants even the characters in her book to be treated fairly, that the world is full of bad things?

How I Know I'm a Good Mom

I'll be the first to admit I don't have this adult thing down yet. When I am not working I dress more like my children than women my age. I own way more pink than anyone should. My front door is pink, my bathroom is purple and sparkly. I don't plan menus full of organic food. But I don't think this defines me as a failure. This was suppose to be banana bread. If anything it defines me as a terrible cook.

 I am president of the PTO. I have been for several years, I had been  room mom and planned all the class parties. For both girls for most of elementary school. I take my children to school every day and attend all of their sporting events and school activities. This doesn't make me a great mom.

I sometimes drop them off late for school. I also tend to forget permission slips and field trips for weeks at a time. Don't even ask me about fundraisers because I hate begging my friends to buy the junk that is being sold. There are very few exceptions. I will happily donate cash instead though.This doesn't make me a bad mom, it makes me busy.

For Emmy's Birthday she  had a huge sleepover with 9 girls from her class. Abbey had a friend over too and they helped me. One little girl said I was a good mom because I didn't mind if they ran around screaming. I also served make your own ice cream sundaes with a variety of toppings, and at one point we broke out paint and designed shirts. I would be lying if I said we didn't have paint everywhere. Yes it was fun, but it didn't make me a good mom. Neither does the fact that my girls are both on the honor roll and are kind and considerate kids. Nope none of that makes me a good mom. Especially since getting Abbey to go to school is like pulling teeth. She absolutely hates it. I have a chalk board door and my hutch is painted with chalk board paint. My girls have decorated it for me. Emmy's friends were in shock. One of them said her mom wouldn't be able to stand that.

I do  think their taste in music is pretty awesome though. When you turn the radio on no matter the station, Country, Rock, Pop, oldies.....they can sing a long to all the songs. They have an appreciation for all forms of music and know the words to the majority of the songs. That just makes my life better. I don't have to listen to hideous stuff.

Something happened awhile back that, that melted my heart and made me realize even when I'm the hardest on myself I am doing a good job. 

My sister posted an article about teen girls agreeing to have rough sex with boys and the causes. Someone commented basically saying its the fault of single moms.  Abbey unleashed on him, in a way that was way more mature than he was. She didn't even mention the exchange to me. Its like it was no big deal to her. I saw it and gave her a big hug. I'm glad that I raised my girls to be stronger than I feel.


Five on Friday

Is it just me or are the weeks getting longer? I swear I feel like last weekend was a month ago. But here it is Friday. Time for my list of top things from the week.

I spent all day yesterday laying in bed. Except for the hour and a half I waited at the walk in clinic, before I gave up and left. Sometimes you just feel too cruddy to wait to be seen by a doctor. How can we bring back house calls?

That being said I mentioned on facebook that being an adult and sick sucks because you have to fix your own chicken noodle soup and 7 up. After I posted it I got a text from someone asking me if I needed anything. That was so sweet.

Remember back on Wednesday when I mentioned that a really nice guy stopped to tell me my house was sparking? Well I am still stunned that someone was thoughtful enough to actually stop and tell me what was happening, and that he stayed with me until the fire department came. Then the fire department was so awesome and waited until KU came. I am so grateful for their help. But I am sad that a family that was former neighbors of mine lost their house to a fire that same night. They are such a sweet family and I'm so sad for their loss. Their kids are the same ages as my girls. The schools are taking up donations for them, so we are sending money.

That reminds me the cat that appeared when the lights came back on is still here. Abbey calls her Phantom. Emmy calls her poof. She has had some tummy troubles today, I'm assuming its because she isn't use to the food. But she needs a visit to the vet anyway just to check her out and make sure shes healthy.

I'm so freakin excited about the Ronda Rousey fight on Saturday. I am not getting the pay per view because within 30 minutes of the fight being over which wont even last a minute It will be on every media outlet. So I am just going to wait to watch the replays.

A visit from the fire department and a surprise

So yesterday Facebook showed me a memory from 5 years ago. It was something like you know you've had a rough day when.... Well yesterday completely topped anything that may have happened 5 years ago. 

It was just a hard day in general, like I fought back tears of frustration and yes even sadness a few times. I had to wait almost an hour to give Abbey her dinner. She was at MSU choral festival. It's when area high school kids from around the state get selected to work with a guest conductor and then put on a concert.  Her group was going to fazoli's except she hates most pasta so I brought her something she'd eat. I was very tired and starving. 

When I got home and started cooking My lights started going crazy like I thought my house was possessed. They were flicking off and on. The tv went off. The hall light blew. It still hasn't worked even when I changed the bulb. Then I got a knock on the door....yeah perfect horror movie set up. 

I was terrified when I answered the door. The man on the other side said "hey you don't know me, but I just called 911 for you" I swear I nearly started screaming. 
But it turns out he was a nice guy driving by and saw sparks on top of my house. Thankfully I live right off the busiest road In town. So it was easy to spot. 

I called 911 back and gave them my address because he didn't know what it was he just told them I was beside Pizza Hut. Which is kinda true but there is papa johns, pen station and a few more businesses between us.  The nicest firemen came out. They came in and checked everything and looked around the house and called my electric company for me. Then they stayed with me. When I told them Abbey had a concert in less than an hour they offered to stay and keep an eye on everything for me so I didn't have to miss the concert.  

When I got home from the concert my electric company had fixed the problem. I came in and flipped the breaker back on. Somehow in the mix I also ended up with an extra cat. I'm not even joking when the lights came back on there was a new cat sitting on my table. No idea how she got in. When I left for the concert my door was locked. When the firemen came in I was with them. So I guess she's mine unless he owner knocks in the door. What do you name a cat that just appears inside your house? 
I'm typing this post on my phone so I apologize for any typos and layout weirdness. 

5 Things I learned From My First Job

I guess there is something about your kids finding out you went to school with someone famous to make your high school year book a hot property for the weekend.

Which got me thinking about the past. Not the past the kids wanted to talk about though. Emmy kept taking pics of Chris to send to her friends (sorry about that Chris) Then she decided to read what people wrote in my book. I got about 40 questions along the lines of Who is Casey? How do you know Casey? Did dad know about Casey? Oh how to explain high school love to a preteen.

Anyway, it got me thinking about my first job. Well, actually it was my second job. My first job only lasted a month and I cried every day when I got home from work. The second job also only lasted a month but it taught me so much.

1. College students as managers is probably not the best leadership idea. 
My manager was a friend of my at the time, and very douchey boyfriend.  I never knew when he was joking with me and when he was serious. One night he told me to count the pickles left on the bar (so they could reuse them) I thought he was joking because why does anyone need to know the exact count of pickle that have been sitting out all day? I told him to count his own damn pickles. He wasn't kidding.

2.  Bad equipment is still somehow my fault. 
The register was a piece of shit. If you ordered a small fry I had to press shift and hot dog. Guess what I did 99.9% of the time? Forgot to press shift! I think I gave away more hot dogs that month than was ever ordered. I never actually saw anyone ordering a hot dog. So why did they make a small fry so hard to  order? That was one of the most ordered items. I'm not even going to talk about the speakers that made it sound like every car needed a new muffler.

3. Customers can sometime be your biggest supporters.
I had a group of old men that came in every morning for coffee together. Sometimes they would leave me a tip which allowed me to buy Dr. Pepper and Little Debbie Brownies.

4. But sometimes customers are assholes.
Every night that I closed a man would come in about 10 minutes before closing. Then complain to me about how slow the cooks were. We hadn't had any customers in so long they were always mid cleaning. Then he would sit in the dining room and take his time eating. This was annoying but I always smiled and remained polite. Until one night he timed everyone so he could bitch about the length of time, he told me it should only take a minute to receive his food. I lost it and went off on him. I told him we were not the only burger place in town and that he was more than welcome to go try one of them. Yes, I got called into the managers office. The manager that was my douchey boyfriends friend. I told him maybe we'd be faster if he was actually out on the floor helping us instead of hiding in his office.  Did you guess that this was the night I quit?

5. Co-Workers can be weird.
I worked with a girl that had a mullet. I tried to avoid her, but she insisted on telling me that her boyfriend was with her because she was awesome in bed. Sorry mullet girl  but I really had trouble believing that.

Do  you have any job horror stories?

Five on Friday

Holy crap the weather in Kentucky has been amazing. I haven't the air on all week. Emmy and I have had short sleeves on with no jackets. The leaves are gorgeous, everywhere but my yard because they've all fallen off my trees and are lounging in my gutters just waiting for me to climb up and rescue them.

I mentioned it yesterday but Chris Stapleton represented Kentucky and my hometown well. I'm still amazed at how awesome he did. I was reminded by friends last night that he was valedictorian and best dressed out of the senior class instead of most talented. Don't fret the guy who won most talented works for the center for traditional music and is still insanely talented.

So my 91b Shig Tzu Max (not to be confused with my 21 lb shih tzu...yeah Wes is fat) Wanted to go outside to pee. After several minutes I heard him barking like crazy. He never barks. I opened the door to check on him and he was fussing at a baby deer that wandered into the yard to say hi. This is the dog that is terrified of all dogs except Wes. He usually hides from everything.

I don't decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving night, but I do start shopping early. I like to be mostly finished by Thanksgiving. I just can't stand the crowds. If I could avoid all stores in December I would. I am almost finished with Abbey's presents. Emmy is getting her room decorated and I have to finalize plans for that.

This is the first weekend in 2 months that I don't have plans. I am so excited to be a hermit all weekend.

Congrats Chris!!

I seriously struggled for a post title. Does anyone else have trouble coming up with a title?

Did you watch the CMA's last night? Were you asking yourself Who Chris Stapleton is? Or do you remember my post  from months ago when I told you to go out and by his album?

I went to high school with Chris. I was between him and his brother in grades. We went to a fairly large school so even though I'd see him hanging out in the choir room which is attached to the band room, I didn't actually know him. My cousin dated his brother all through high school, but since I am not close my family that doesn't mean much.  I have been a fan, though, since I heard him sing.

In case you missed it Here is him singing Tennessee Whiskey with Justin Timberlake. But really watch this its my favorite song from his album. This is the only video I could find of it. I really urge you to buy the album and turn Whiskey and You up. I don't know why, but I have to hear it LOUD! So anyway, last night he was up for 3 CMA's he won them all. He took home best new artist, album of the year, and male vocalist of the year.

You probably know Chris's work without realizing it. He has written a ton of number 1 songs. Drink a Beer and Never Wanted Nothing More are two that come to mind.

Even though he is listed as being from Lexington, Ky (which is about 2 hours away from where he actually is from.) Johnson County and all Johnson Central Alum were going crazy last night, bursting with pride for a hometown kid that made it. My children are so sick of me talking about how great this is.
Wow look at that. Something good came out of Kentucky! I was starting to believe the media that all we had was crazy clerks and people complaining about the election :)

Confessions Wednesday

As I type this its election night. We have a new governor and as you can imagine facebook has gone wild. I love how everything is gloom and doom. Like literally, I've seen posts like well goodbye pension, Goodbye Obamacare (here its called Kynect). He will destroy public education. Which I think has done a great job of destroying itself. It would be funny if you didn't almost feel the desperation and sorrow in their words.  I really dread the presidential election.

It angers me though when people say things like "What the F@#$ Kentucky?! Of course some f#@#@% christian loving missionary f#@$%!@% a@@ who loves guns goes against....." On a side note they wrote the words out and didn't sensor them.

I have a gun. I love my gun. I know that if someone breaks into my house I don't have to worry about the safety of me or my girls. I know how to use my gun, and my girls know gun safety. My owning a gun does not mean I am stupid, uneducated, inbred, homophobic or any other negative description that people want to place on it. It simply means I do not wish to have an intruder harm my family and I am smart enough to know that even though the police station is less than a mile away that their response time may be too long. It means I know that criminals don't follow the laws and don't care if they aren't suppose to own a gun, or conceal carry. It means I sleep peacefully at night knowing it is beside my bed ready to be used at a moments notice.

That is all I have to say about the election. It was basically choosing the lesser of two evils. 

After spending 3 hours trying to get my new printer to work I gave up on installing the drivers on my desk top and installed it on my laptop. It prints really faint and weird looking. I am ready to throw it outside. Why can't I have the work IT people follow me home to help me with technology issues?

Speaking of work. I worked Monday, then took Tuesday off. All day Tuesday it felt like Sunday. Now I dread having a second Monday. On a positive note only 3 more days until the weekend.

how to fix a drafty door

I kept feeling a draft around my door. I bought weather stripping and placed it around the door. It didn't make a difference. So yesterday I decided to pull the trim off and see if maybe it needed to have some insulation placed. That was an absolute understatement.

That's what I discovered when I pulled the trim off. I nearly died. No wonder I kept feeling air come through. In several spots you could see light from outside. I took the trim off all the exterior doors and this is how they were. I sealed them with a spray insulation and then reattached the trim.

It only took me about 45 minutes. Using a prybar to removed the trim and spray insulation to fill the cracks was all it took. I'm afraid of what is lurking behind the window trims now.

On a side note I have to brag on myself. When I was married to husband #1, I would beg him to help me hang pictures or a shelf. Now I do that and build a privacy fence, replaced a door knob, and much more. If you had told me 6 years ago that I would be doing this I'd have laughed at you.

Favorite things from the weekend

I had one of those weekends where no matter how much I rack my brain I can't come up with a decent post. But I did see a bunch of things I want to share with everyone. Like some of my favorite Halloween Costumes.
Someone dressed like my daughter Abbey
. Someone dressed like Donald Trump. He even had campaign buttons. It was funny.
Emmy totally rocked Wednesday Addams. She even posed with my Cousin IT

Remember when I told you our Dyslexia group met with the mayor while he signed a proclamation saying it was Dyslexia Awareness Month? Well it finally ran in the newspaper. I can't help but find it hysterical the fact checking at our paper. Even though the guy recorded us saying our names. Emmy became Abbey (who wasn't even there) and I am now Holy instead of Holly. Yeah good job, totally worth the 50% increase in the cost of a paper.
While trick or treating I ran into a small convenience store and right at the check out was this. So if you get high and need some munchies you can meet all your needs at this store.
I went to a store something like FYE. While there some guy maybe in his 20's asked me if I would pay 30 for a backpack. I took one look at the bag and told him not for a Patriots bag. 

I didn't try this water, but with a name like Climax I don't know how I resisted. 
The day after Halloween turned instantly into Christmas. I guess Thanksgiving isn't happening this year. 

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