Wednesday Confessions

I actually thought yesterday was Wednesday, but since its today here are some confessions.

Remember the door knob I bragged so hard about? Well it turns out I attached the inner piece (That's between the two knobs and allows the door to latch) on backwards. Which means the door can easily be blown open by the wind unless its locked. It took me until last night to realize this, because the first thing I do when I enter my house is lock the door. So I didn't realize it until I heard the door open. I went to check it out and saw a kitty standing at the door about to go out. I take off running to shut it before she got out. I slipped and slid the rest of the way to the door on my ass. Now its bruised and it hurts to sit down. All the kitties are safe and that's all that matters. That, and now I will be spending part of my evening taking the door knob off again.

We watched Back to the Future last night so we can watch Back to the Present Future 2 tonight. By we, I mean Emmy and I. We tried to explain it to Abbey, but she didn't seem interested. I predict she will be asking us a million questions about it tonight.

I'm visiting the Mayor's office tomorrow evening to watch him sign a document declaring October officially Dyslexia Awareness month. Hopefully I will remember to get pics. We are wearing our Decoding Dyslexia shirts. Life is so insane right now that I feel like I need to be cloned, which means I don't feel like I am doing enough to advocate Dyslexia Awareness. I'm on the road A LOT for work, which has its good and bad points. Both girls have after school activities every single day. I'm hoping that lets up some once Marching Band season is over, except band ends right when swimming begins. 

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