Waverly Hills

Last month I got to cross a big item off my 101 list. I have wanted to go to Waverly Hilly Sanatorium for years and I finally got to go. I took my mom and sister with me.  Waverly Hills is said to be one of the most haunted places on earth. It was a self contained TB Hospital. All doctors, nurses, ect.. lived on site so they wouldn't spread TB to others. You can watch the episodes of Ghost Hunters where they visit the hospital. Ghost Hunters 1st tours and the Ghost Hunters 2nd tour 

I think these shows are silly but my visit was anything but silly.

I was looking forward to the body chute. its a 500 feet tunnel where they use to take the dead bodies out of the hospital so the patients couldn't see them. Our tour guide said at the height of the epidemic they lost about a patient an hour. The tunnel was also used for the staff to enter the hospital when the weather wasn't great. I thought if I was going to see a ghost that it would be there. I was wrong. But how creepy is 500 feet one entrance one exit?

I thought maybe I'd see something in the Morgue. After all it is a morgue. But I didn't.

I thought standing outside the room that the nurse hung herself would surely be a place that I would see something. I was wrong.

We stopped on the floor and Heather and I took the opportunity to pose for pics while our tour guide talked. She said two sisters lived in the room. One got better and left. Her sister took a turn for the worse so she came back to help with her sister. Caught TB again and beat it the second time. Her sister, Lois didn't make it.
We were there 3 days before the date of her death. That was creepy.  It was especially creepy because when we posed for our pictures we didn't know that she had also posed for a  pic in the same spot. The last pic that was taken of her.

We got to the 4th floor,  We all lined up and our tour guide looked up and yelled at someone who darted into a room instead of staying with the group. The guide went after him, to realize he wasn't real. That totally set the stage for my visit on the 4th floor. The guide asked for a volunteer to walk to the end of the hall alone. My lovely sister volunteered me. I was scared, but I went. I walked about halfway down, passing dozens of empty patient rooms, then I saw it. A shadowy person leaning against a door frame. The guide told me to keep going. I took a deep breath and kept walking. The figure shifted his position I got closer and closer and finally stopped. It was all I could do to stand there watching the figure watch me. While listening to the tour guide point the figure out to the others. On my way back to the group I could see shadows moving in the rooms I had passed.

My sister went after me. She didn't see anything at first. Then she kept walking, The guide asked her to look for the window in the door, she couldn't see it, until the shadow figure moved into the hall and then she could see what we were all talking about.

After us a girl said she wanted to go but she was scared, her boyfriend asked if he could walk with her. The guide said yes. They walked to the end of the hall and stopped. Our guide told them to take a step away from each other. As soon as they did. A shadow figure stepped in between them. There the three of them stood at the end of the hall. The girl turned to head back down the hall, leaving her boyfriend alone. The guide had to tell her to stop running.

Next stop was the Operating Room. Even when the hospital was functional this was a scary room. It saw so much death that the elevator in the OR went straight to the morgue. The girl who had walked to the end of the hall was now in a corner crying and hyperventilating. She was escorted out by her boyfriend and a guide.

Our trip was so much fun. I was planning my next trip on my way home.

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